How does it feel like to have a girlfriend?

soo, Im single since birth,till now...
I tried to have/earn a girlfriend, but All of it was an epic failure [not just simple failues].tried & cried a lot to get rid of my crushes.
maybe I'm not good enough to be a boyfriend😂.
I don't even remember of having a dream of having a girlfriend,I wish I had.

Ive seen couples hanging out in parks/streets/etc, happily talking each other something.

it looks beautiful to see people being happy & talking their feelings[i guess].

there will be more couples i guess since feb14 is not so far away..

even, every single teenagers nowadays are not single.

I guess, most of you guys are non-single.
so, if it's ok for you,

can you comment, how does it feel like to have a girlfriend. how does it feel like to be with them. whats the feeling you get while they are talking to you, [is it like you tasted the dish, you had been thought for years/ you bought your favorite toy as a kid / got something you lost since years / feels like full], im not trying to make anyone a toy/anything like that, using it only to compare feelings.

sorry, if my thoughts of feelings hurts you, because, it's just a thought experiment...since i never felt it.

well, girlfriends can comment too, some girls made me soo curious, their smile is magnificent,while talking with their boyfriend. feel free to write your comments too, I'll read it.

feel free to comment exact feel, by comparing with other things, don't make it different because of thinking that its gonna hurt me / something like that.
I will enjoy reading it...

is it like you tasted the dish, you had been thought for years 0
you bought your favorite toy as a kid 0
got something you lost since years 0
feels like full 0
something else [in comments] 1
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  • Millie_the_evil_saint

    Like you're in a dream and everything is great and amazing is how it feels at first. The first month or so. Then it starts feeling like a roller-coaster: thrilling, exciting, sometimes very confusing. You overcome your old fears, which get replaced by new fears. And you want to know how it will end. Is this the one you'll stay with? Will you break up? What will happen? Then she starts causing trouble with your friends and family, and naturally you take her side, because you care about her. And you feel like she needs your support, and your friends and family are being unfairly mean to her.

    So after about a year of that, you grow tired of her dramatic ass, and you tell her you need a break. She proceeds to impulsively drunk call you while she's out with her friends. You assume she's over you, and you block her number to forget about her. She invites you over and says she still cares but you don't believe her so you stay home.

    Six months later she's with someone else and you sometimes still think of her and wonder if things would've went different if you had come over that night. But you will never know.

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