How do i feel better?

For the longest time, I had this friend who.. wasn't the best friend, to say the least. They would traumadump, as they say, to everyone. And no one knew what to do. And they would SPAM some really inappropriate photos, despite me constantly saying I was uncomfortable with them. And I always told them like, I am a jewish person and I am not comfy with Nazi jokes.. they added me to a group chat with someone who called themself Adolf Hitler. And they just repeatedly did bad stuff, at one point even messaging me saying they'd rape me (It was a joke, gladly, even if it was a very bad one.) and then they would send self harm pictures, which is something I struggle with and seeing it doesnt make it better. They said it was cus of their bpd manic episodes, but then proceeded to say that wasnt an excuse when OTHERS said that??? And overall, they were a TERRIBLE person and a stain on my life.

The issue now, is that I desperately want to get over it. I blocked them (I didnt earlier because I thought they were going to kill themselves) so I gladly dont deal with them anymore, however I dont know how to get over it and it's really been on my mind lately. I really need help, because its getting in my head when im supposed to focus or relax or do basically anything. So much thanks in advance.

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  • howaminotmyself

    Try to understand that their issues are not your responsibility. You are not obligated to feel anything for this person. They are you past and you have every right to move on and be happy. These narcissistic emotional manipulators win when you think about them. Don't give them that power over you. Be good to yourself.

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    • Thanks, really. I'll try to keep that in mind!

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  • i used to think about them being extremely sad, but now I think of them with boughts of anger AND sadness. Do hope that makes sense

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    • Chudders

      I know you're lying but gonna reply anyway. I understand feeling sadness for someone you care about even if they treat you terribly. Eventually some anger is only natural, but if you truly care about someone, their needs are almost as important... Possibly as important as your own and if you're in a stable position in life and they're not, you might even put theirs first but eventually anger or resentment will become a part of it. None of this is abnormal. I know jews don't feel empathy, or not like Whites do anyway, and I know you're lying, that's what you 'people' do.

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