How do i do tasks instead of playing games

I am playing games and not getting things done. A game break turns into 3-4 hours of gameplay time. Before I know it the day is over.

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  • Harry_Irision93

    Think of them like Among Us tasks, and make a list of them, then pretend your house is the ship, and you need to get all of the tasks done, before the impostor gets you. Or something similar, just make it seem like you're playing a game while doing chores.

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  • Anonnet

    Just do tasks instead of playing games.

    Sorry, I mimicked the other answers. It's not the easiest thing. Some people just say "that's it, I'm not playing any games ever (or for a month or whatever)" and that works for them.

    I'm arguably less disciplined, so I have a couple of other tips if quitting cold-turkey isn't reasonable:
    1. Play different games. If your main game is either an MMO or competitive, stop playing it. If you're going to play a game, play one that's allowed to end. This isn't negotiable.
    2. Play intermittently. Find a game you can pick up for a few minutes and then put down. Pick it up for a few minutes and then put it down. Handheld games were perfect at this, and idle/clicker games tend to hit that spot as well.
    3. When you start playing any game, set a time that you HAVE to stop at. You don't have to set this time in advance or plan it out, just obey it. When that time comes, find a place that "feels like a good place to stop at" and shut it down.

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  • MonkThousandWords

    Make a resolution to not play games and instead do your tasks, it may be hard to focus on tasks at first, but what you should do is give yourself the option of either doing nothing, sleeping, and doing tasks, never give yourself the option of gaming. Your brain would gradually naturally choose to do tasks, because just sleeping and doing nothing is hell for your brain. you get too much dopamine when gaming or doing "fun" stuff, so you get addicted. I got this from healthy gamer gg btw you should check his video about focusing.

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  • Easier said than done

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    • LloydAsher

      No shit, but you want to do adult tasks? Then act like an adult, do what your parent would tell you to do first.

      I wanna game too but I put myself into scenarios where I have to get the tasks done first.

      Honestly? Disconnect your game console and put that on the bottom of the to do list. I think the physical act of plugging it in is a barrier that allows you to unconsciously decide to do your other tasks first.

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