Have you ever made art using sand and shells?

Have you? I have many times now. It's a beautiful way to show the light of the ocean floor.

Yes I have 11
No I haven't 4
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  • LloydAsher

    I've painted in lambs blood before.

    My early highschool rebellious natures really shows through during that time 😅

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  • jethro

    Yes I was in second grade once too.
    I have made art with macaroni as well.

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  • Mammal-lover

    Look I love the water, but if I see some little kid shit like that in someones home I instantly loose respect for them and I have like 40 stuffed animals in my studio. Point being that's gay as hell but you do you

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  • donteatstuffoffthesidewalk

    ive made art usin shotgun shells

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  • Cuntsiclestick

    I once glued some shells to a picture frame when I was a kid. I'm pretty sure the dog I used to have destroyed it. Making another one might be fun. XD

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    Of course everyone does atleast once in their life

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  • raisinbran

    When I was eight I sold rocks with rough happy faces drawn on them for a nickel, dime or quarter. People actually bought them from me and I made some money. I realize now it was mostly out of sympathy... they probably thought I was retarded.

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  • litelander8

    I did when I was young. But I live at the beach so “beach themed” anything makes me gag.

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  • --


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