Hating my brothers girlfriend

My brother met this girl and her past boyfriend broke up with her because she would always be around other guys. Anywho she once said that she prefers hanging out with guys because girls are more drama. When I met her (im a female) she pretty much ignored me and didn't talk to me but would speak to my other brothers. I found it weird that she preferred to build a relationship with them. She also has this guy best friend who she hangs out with and they drive alone together and I told him I found that weird but he said he trusts her and they're just friends.
maybe im just used to having spouses who aren't close with the opposite gender that much? or maybe I am just being an overprotective sibling lol idk. I just always have a feeling that something is fishy about her but I could be wrong

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  • RoseIsabella

    She sounds like a female misogynist, and I could be wrong of course, but she probably has a lot of mommy issues. Regardless it's rude of her ignore you! 🧐

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  • Higenleth

    Sounds like she's the dramatic one so she projects it onto her entire gender.

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  • 1WeirdGuy

    Its definitely sus. Every girl I knew that had abunch of guy friends slept around. Ive never met one that didnt. I imagine the relationship wont last long I wouldnt worry about it. Shes likely to break up with him and go with one of those guy friends of hers "thats weird".

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  • shoka2322

    I would automatically hate anyone who would date my brother because they would be robbing me of the little time i have with him. He hasn't been in a relationship for years and i better stay that way. I can't imagine how much anger i would go through if he loved someone that way. I don't like change and would never accept his date.

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  • PhillipLoco11

    She likes the cock c a r u s el lmao
    This is why I am a proud mgtow monk.

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  • SkullsNRoses

    The red flags I pick up on are her “women are drama” attitude and thinking it’s acceptable to ignore her boyfriend’s sister. A partner worth sticking with will do what they can to win over your family, you’re right to have reservations about this woman - trust your gut.

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  • Tinybird

    I hate all couples

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