Golf balls

I love to put golf balls in my pissy and see how many I can get in there at one time I’m up to 5

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  • Orphan

    Each our own kinks. Must be funny shooting them out

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  • CDmale4fem

    Your pissy huh ? I myself would rather the word pussy. That's kind of a universal word besides vagina. I hope these golf balls are not some you pick up on the road or a neighbors yard. Or if they are, I would hope you run them thru the dishwasher or something to sanitize them first. So do you get a fun or exciting feeling doing that ? Do you go walking around with them inside ? If you do then , you can increase your muscles there and will be able to hold more in there if they will fit.

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    • ospry

      When OP said pissy she actually was referring to her urethra

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      • JuicyGarfield

        Well in that case the urethra isnt that wide you can only really fit a pencil not a whole golf ball

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