Friend wants to give me power of attorney- i don’t want it

For context my friend Alex and I are in our mid 20s. We were friends in university then did not speak for 3 years following and only re-kindled our friendship one year ago. I have only seen him in real life once since and have never met his family or long-term partner. His life has been complicated and he has few friends.

He has asked me via Wattsapp if I will "sign [his] power of attorney paperwork" I said I would do some research because I didn't understand that term, he said that was ok then later asked if I'm "ok with witnessing the attorney thing".

I now understand that power of attorney means making large financial and health decisions on a person's behalf and I don't feel I'm an appropriate choice for that. Even if I am witnessing the signature of someone else, most likely his partner, it still would not feel right as I have never actually met any of the major people in his life.

Please can you advise a polite way of wording that I am not comfortable signing these documents?

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  • sweetone89

    Just tell him no, you cannot do it. You don't heed to explain yourself. To anyone.

    End of story,

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  • my_life_my_way

    Just do it for a laugh. Or just block him on everything and refuse to see him

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    • Signing legal documents for a laugh sounds like the start of an awful movie.

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  • donteatstuffoffthesidewalk

    id say what the fuck is wrong with you either medically financially or mentally

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    • It is an odd request from a healthy 27-year-old.

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