Fred durst is a good rapper

Fred Durst is actually good. I mean that in a non-ironic way - don't tell me that I don't know what good music is, I can appreciate Stravinsky, Rachmaninoff, Coltrane, Robert Johnson, George Clinton, and a bunch of other shit. But Fred Durst gets a bad rap for being at the wrong place at the wrong time - they showed up at a time when all these tasteless butt-rockers and other watered-down pissbaby phony grunge rockers like "Staind" "Staind also (oh, wait, 'Seether')" and Nickelback were coming to prominence. "Three Dollar Bill, Y'all" and "Significant Other" were great albums and some of the lyrics were genuinely clever and innovative. There was some dodgy shit in "Chocolate Starfish" and albums pursuant to that one, but even they had a few good bits interspersed between the crap.

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You're a sheltered white kid who thinks it's badass to pretend-smoke Smarties 1
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  • ospry

    Fred Durst sounds like the name of a middle-aged accountant

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  • Meowypowers

    When it comes to late 90s and beyond white rappers there is only one obvious name and it is fred durst

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  • Holzman_67

    Frat rap

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  • jethro


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  • idkyourmom27


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  • Anonnet

    All I know about Durst is that I like his name. It's one of those names you can make tons of puns off of.

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  • Iambillythemenacetosociety


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    • Limp Bizkit.

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  • PurpleHoneycomb

    I've never heard of him. Rap isn't my genre of choice, however. I could name the rap musicians I've *ever* listened to willingly on one hand.

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