F you, bearing sea

For the EIGTH fucking year in a row warmer than average temperatures on the Bearing Sea’s surface has prevented long-lasting cold air from Siberia to enter in the U.S.

This winter is dog shit along the east coast. I’ve literally developed depression living through another mild winter. I took it out on my coworkers today because they were talking about the Deadliest Catch which took place on the Beading Sea. I told them to get a life.

2014-2015 was the last true winter where I live. Poor Gen Alpha won’t experience a cold winter.

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  • shoka2322

    I want snow in deep south Louisiana and I'm being fucked over by the southeast ridge. I haven't seen any snow in 5 years. I'm so fucking tired of it!!! Fuck mild winters!!!

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  • ospry

    Frigid winter for us in the rockies. Most days have been consistently below freezing

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