Eerie how much my father was right

I grew up as a teenager rolling my eyes at everything my father told me. It seemed like boomer nonsense. As I get older I realize how much he was right on nearly everything he said. The things he said would probably happen happened. And his opinions on stuff now seems like he was right on the money now that I am getting older.

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  • Legion666

    I was lucky enough to recognize the wisdom in my father's instructions and warnings. I always(for the most part) took his advise to heart and it has always served me well. You should tell your father now about how your insight has changed. It will make him happy to hear you say it.

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    • Honestly, as bad as it sounds, I want to but my ego wont allow me to do it. I hate those kinds of conversations.

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  • walterhartwellwhite

    hey man. its normal not to understand wisdom when you're young. you live for fun, nothing else, just the rush. i ponder how parents feels when they tell their kids the same things over and over again, trying to help them and are hit with these eye rolls. man. yeah. uh . shit, uh, its like normal i think. hang on one sec. yeah

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