Does anyone else become an exhibitionist on cocaine?

When I do coke all I wanna do is show off to whoever is around

Yes I’m female so I’m sure people enjoy it but not sure if it’s normal

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79% Normal
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Comments ( 6 )
  • Shakemycakes69

    Cocaine drops your inhibitions and make you a little more free.

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  • girlinadarkcorner

    I've never tried coke but I have on multiple occasions sent pics of my tits to some of my guy friends while blackout drunk.

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    • Bihottie69

      That’s hot! Me too

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  • Rocknrolla81

    It happens to me as well

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  • Tommythecaty

    No, can’t say I do.

    But almost all of my behaviour is the same on or off drugs.

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  • profanity

    It does happen when you are on stimulants.

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