Do you wear crop tops?

Also do you believe they're a good fashion statement or a bad one?

Yes 8
No 10
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  • SkullsNRoses

    In before Kholat boasts about how well he works one.

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    • KholatKhult

      And if you like the view from the front just wait until I turn around

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  • taebby22

    I personally prefer more modest clothes so I would never ever wear a crop top. For others, they can dress how they want. But I just don't like how everyone flocks to wear the same exact thing - no one thinks for themselves. "Omg black leggings and crop tops and 10 inch nails are in style, so I guess I have to dress like that" I think it's BS

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  • darefu

    I wore them a lot years ago, I have nothing against them, actually like them, however, I think you have to have the right body to wear them.

    If the bottom of the top rest on top your belly, your boobs sag below the bottom, or your tummy has a bunch of stretch marks or wrinkles, then I think I would stay away from them.

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  • kikilizzo

    Sometimes, but i'm not really comfortable showing a lot of skin. I have a couple crop tops but I tend to wear them with high waisted pants or skirts so that my stomach only shows very little. I do think crop tops are nice though, otherwise I wouldnt buy any myself.

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  • Tinybird

    no, but I'm indifferent towards them really.

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