Do you think my art is good?

I used to draw a lot as a kid, but now im an architecture student and i recently started to draw again. I love drawing animals and nature, so please tell me what do you think of my newest creation -

uwu 3
i luv it! 9
bruh 8
i want to buy it 4
u suck! No u suck! 11
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Comments ( 22 )
  • Iambillythemenacetosociety

    It looks awful.

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  • RoseIsabella

    ... it's not my cup of tea.

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  • Meatballsandwich

    So bad that it's good

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  • Cliche1234

    You should sell your art and make a living out of it. It's so good, it makes me emotional. 😩✊

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  • Orphan


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  • raisinbran

    It’s shit.

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  • kelili

    I was expecting something quite different but I must admit that I really like it! I really do!

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  • Tommythecaty

    Love it.

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  • Vvaas

    very beautiful and creative xoxo would you like to join my discord i would love to have such an amazing artist in there

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  • megadriver

    Dafuq is that?! That's the most retarded dog I've ever seen.

    Why does it only have teeth on it's lower jaw? Why does it only have 2 claws on it's back paw, but 7, or 8 toes on other paws...
    What's with the pig snout?
    Why is blue paint dripping from that thing's tongue? Saliva is not navy-blue.
    Why is it's tongue longer than 2/3 of it's body, why is most of it's body a head?!

    Why does it have an evil smile???

    On the upside - it makes me laugh. I don't know why, but it's funny!

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  • SkullsNRoses

    I like his dangerous expression and the single drop of saliva on his pointed tongue.

    Technically improvements could be made, for example the length of the nose shouldn’t taper before the nostrils and the front paws should be separate with the front legs distinguishable.

    I voted that I “luv” it though as I like his look of hunger and yearning for destruction and feeling is what makes art interesting. With some research and practice you will be a great cartoonist.

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  • donteatstuffoffthesidewalk

    looks like my dingo

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  • hidden.hands

    It's good

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  • Somenormie

    It's OK

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  • ReshiramEX

    Goes hard

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  • allialli

    it's a good simple art style for animations, but on its own it's not amazing. i see talent there, you could definitely be great with practice.

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  • anonY123

    Pretty decent art

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  • 1234tellmethatyoulovememore

    Lmao I just woke up so thank you for that laugh.

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  • ospry

    I don't think it's good but I absolutely love it

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  • Holzman_67

    It’s good for what it is, and that is a quick drawing. I think if you’d taken time and effort with it and used some references you’d get a better result, but as it stands it’s a fun slapdash character.

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  • Cuntsiclestick

    Honestly, I'm not feeling it.

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  • 1WeirdGuy


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