Do you believe

Do you believe the scientific method is actually followed today? The scientific method is coming up with hypothesis, being rigorously skeptical, and testing.

Yes 5
No 3
Its gotten too politcal 10
It has to be political in todays climate 0
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  • 555

    I believe that the $$$cientific method is prevalent today

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  • Cable4nerds

    I’m not going to lie, I read this topic before clicking to see what the actual post said and all I could do was sing Cher in my head loudly like a proud American I am.

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  • LloydAsher

    As with literally every piece of literature or conjecture about perspective one has to look through multiple angles of approach to determine if the objective reality matches the determined reality.

    In short yes, only if it was done correctly. Often it is not if trying to milk for an absolute rather than starting with a vague notion of mystery.

    Read from multiple sources. Be aware of bias.

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  • PurpleHoneycomb

    Occasionally, yes. Confirmation bias is going to be prevalent in many studies. You essentially have to manually review each to actually learn something.

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    • The way covid twas handled reduced my faith in the scientific method. According to leaked emails from Musk the head of FDA (who has now left and is on the board of pfizer interestingly enough) was messaging twitter executives telling them posts to censor of top scientists opinions on the vaccine. All of the ones he had censored were later found to be true like one that said "there's no way it will be 99% effective" and "you can still get covid if vaccinated".

      But then the FDA would say that its a "consensus" amongst scientists but it was actually that they censored the scientists who had a different opinion. And those opinions that were censored from the FDA director all turned out to be true later on.

      I question the notion that "they had to lie to the people about the vaccine because getting vaccinated was that important to society" and I wonder if profits didnt take a bigger role in the decision to censor.

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