Do people with intellectual disability only still make better friends?

A person who merely has a diagnosis of intellectual and mental disability, and a delay in ones cognitive capacity except that he has no diagnosis or signs of autism which mostly involves communication issues still make better friends than I do or others who have aspergers and may be intellectually inclined to do significant more such as perform a task, but due to Aspergers or autism, they're still significantly behind those with a mere intellectual disability without autism to make better friends with more romantic partners even though someone with autism could write an entire fictional romantic poetry that catches the eyes of majority of people? But still, wouldn't be interested in him as friends or a partner? So basically someone who talks like 'wtf u doing bro, can u help me with that twat software not functioning' and I assume that the person is the most retarded yet he fucks, has more friends, without necessarily using his mandibles or any form of cognition such as how to operate a toaster?

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  • imnotnormal555

    Try not to concern yourself with other peoples abilities/disabilities. You don't need a lot of friends. Just a few of good quality. And you don't need a lot of girlfriends, just one solid girlfriend that you love and respect. Finding a good partner is one of the most difficult tasks in life for most of us. There's a lot of pressure to find a special person at a certain time frame and now with online dating and hookup culture it's really made it even more difficult than ever. Delve into a hobby that you love and make female friends through it. You might find that a female friend with the same interests might just blossom into a romantic relationship. And it will be on a much deeper level than the bros that are just trying to get laid. Good luck!

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  • kikilizzo

    I have no idea what you're trying to say tbh, but as a person with autism I don't think so. I know a person with intellectual disability and I dont think she'd make a good friend, because she's very self involved and clueless and acts like a child. As for wether such people make friends easier? Well, they say stupid people are happier (no offence) and also less anxious then, probably. The woman with intellectual disability that I know talks to everyone since she has the curiosity and lack of boundries that children do, but wether she has many actual friends I couldn't say. I believe she has some friends at her group home, they are also intellectually disabled.

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  • SkullsNRoses

    This was confusingly written but I think you’re asking if it’s easier for someone to make friends if they have an intellectual disability vs autism? It’s an impossible question to answer as autistic people vary so much, as do intellectually disabled people.

    It does sound however like you’re comparing yourself to this person and privately competing with him, which is a waste of your time. Focus on improving yourself, read books and watch YouTube videos on improving confidence and getting people to like you and practice whenever you can. Forget about other people’s’ progress, you’re only living your own life.

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  • Tinybird


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    • Giorgi

      I mean, if a person has other cognitive or neural delays that doesn't involve autism spectrum that affects ones social communication, will still be able to make more girlfriends, and better friends than I ever will be able right? Just because of the difference that I have Aspergers, and he has lower IQ, intellectual disability but because of the part of him not being on autism spectrum makes it easier for him to find a partner, and friends better, right?

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