Do men have emotions?

Do men have emotions or are they only driven by their dicks and sex drive? I am curious for real because I just assume they do not have any emotions. When I am on Facebook and an article has been posted about a man asking advice in the paper because his partner has lost her sex drive, the comments are always only flooded by men saying "exchange her for a woman whos wild in the sheets" or just "get a new one then". This to me shows men are incapable of emotion. There are no emotions involved if one just looks at their partner having lost her sex drive and goes "oh well, i'll just get a new one" like it's a car not a human being they love and want to fix problems with. I am guessing the majority of men have that mindset because it's what I see in the comment sections on the internet so it has to be the overwhelming majority of men then.
I guess this explains why so many women nowadays try to become lesbians. I have never in my life or in this text insulted men.

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  • TheAmateurStrongmanCompetitor

    males and females both are the same it's society who makes us believe makes shouldn't do this and should do that, and females shouldn't do this and should do that. The hell with all that we're all the same only penis and vagina make us different. It's simple

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  • bigbudchonga

    Men have emotions. It's kind of a myth certain groups put forward saying "men don't talk about emotions or open up". I open up loads to my friends, and my friends do to me. We have emotions.

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  • trexagireve

    No, show some skin now

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  • Tommythecaty


    Hope this helps.

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  • raisinbran

    Yes but they are expected to control them especially in a professional role.

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  • bigbudchonga

    You have a pet snake, cool!. I'm gunna breed them once I'm out of debt (ball pythons). What kind of snake do you have?

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