Chatgpt saved you all from me

Consider yourself lucky, because that thing is a beast and has no feeble mindness and ego like you do have. especially Gambler the hustler and butt fucker. which means you're all saved from me bombarding the entire is it normal forums every 2 minutes.

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  • bigbudchonger

    U wot m8?

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    • Giorgi

      that i don't need people when i have Artificial Intelligence.

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  • ospry

    Great, you have no life. I'm glad ChatGPT is preventing you from spamming us here

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  • Somenormie

    However ChatGPT can produce inaccurate information sometimes depending on the prompt you give it.

    It can be useful but don't rely on artificial intelligence too much you'll have to be willing to think on your own without artificial intelligence inside certain situations.

    It is only ever useful to some people because of how ChatGPT is trained on data from various web sources and various PDF files and other things through an algorithm it uses and whatnot.

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  • kikilizzo

    Yeah bots are great to ask advice from. All logic, not a bunch of personal feelings mixed in.

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