Can you have a drinking problem without being an alcoholic?

As the title says - I’m someone who will binge drink every single friday like clockwork. Doesn’t matter if I’m alone or with friends, though if I’m with friends I do end up drinking more because my friends are cool people who will order shots for everyone and the like.

I’m not an alcoholic, while I’d definitely go out drinking on a wednesday if someone invited me i’m not the type of person who will drink everyday with no ability to control it - but i am definitely someone who wouldn’t be able to go a week without having at least one night where i get decently drunk. Obviously I’m aware it’s not healthy but is this something that could evolve into an addiction in the future? Or is this normal?

It’s normal 4
It’s not normal but it’s not an addiction 2
You’re on the way to developing a problem 5
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  • malaparte

    "alcoholic" is a stigmatizing and loaded term that a lot of health care professionals wouldn't use. "Alcohol use disorder" is what most of them would use, and this diagnosis refers to a spectrum of troubling behaviors that some people might routinely display when drinking. This disorder can be mild, moderate, or severe, depending on how many traits a person shows. It's possible that you are on the mild end of the spectrum based on the fact that you admit to binge drinking, but plenty of people do that over the weekend without it really being a problem. Binge drinking is not healthy, but not always indicative of a use disorder, especially if you're containing it and you don't have any problems controlling your drinking otherwise. Keep in mind though that AUD is a progressive condition.

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    • this was actually really informative, thank you so much!

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    • beautifuldisaster91

      Very well written response.

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  • Bassmachine

    Normal until you said binge drink.

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  • Tommythecaty

    Shit yeah.

    I was a full blown alcoholic years ago, needed at lest a bit in my system all waking moments. Now I only drink once or twice a week, but I drink the weeks worth in that amount of time instead. So it’s not like I drink less, but am technically not an addict as I suffer no withdrawal in the multiple days of sobriety. I do not even think of drinking in those time periods.

    But the amount in a short time is clearly an alcohol problem.

    So yes of course a non alcoholic can have a problem, the answer is what is known as a binge drinker.

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  • jackstormwater

    Problems are only abstractions that exist within the mind. If no problem is perceived, then no problem exists.

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  • 1WeirdGuy

    Just dont do it more than that and dont drink everyday. You might grow out of going out and drinking every friday night. Idk if you have a family or not but that'll often make you slow it down.

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  • MonteMetcalfe

    Maybe yes, maybe no.
    Only you can say for sure & you'll find out if/when you try to quit drinking or slow it down.

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