Beta or not?

Im a truck driver and I work like 60 hour weeks so I can get that overtime. On my days off I'm not wanting to drive at all so my wife drives if we go somewhere. But as silly as it sounds I feel weird when we pull up somewhere infront of ppl and she's driving me. Idk if it feels not chivalrous or it feels like I'm not treating my woman like a lady. Should I drive?

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  • Pinkpickle

    You're thinking about it way too much. I guarantee it hasn't gotten a second look even once. Nobody has ever looked at you two and went "man he's being driven by a woman what a loser beta".

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    • I actually have gotten a comment before. Some older black dude sarcastically said "I wish I had a woman that drove me around" when I got out the car.

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  • bigbudchonger

    Nah dude, as long as you aren't sitting bitch on a bike it's all good.

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    • Lol that would be funny

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