Being human feels like a performance

Idk it is unnatural. I don't feel connected to it, or to anyone. It's like pretending all the time, it's weird. It's like I'm different from everyone else and i wasn't supposed to be human at all. Like i would be better as a consciousness. Like an alien of sorts. I don't think i feel feelings like everyone else does, they're like, not even that prominent or real until they are unbearably overwhelming. I get overwhelmed by existing in this form. Am i the only one?

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  • godsdog

    Autism or sheltered upbringing.

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  • Holzman_67

    Well, best make it a good one, then. By throwing yourself into it you may find some very real meaning comes from it

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  • AsterBean

    This sounds very human to me. But if you are distraught about it try connecting with nature more. Go on a walk, nurture pets, plant a garden, but most importantly - stop overthinking it and just be.

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  • RoseIsabella

    I'm not autistic, but I can relate.

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  • kikilizzo

    Yeah im autistic so im never myself I don't even know how to unmask with people since I started when I was a kid and now it just happens. My life is a constant performance like working in customer service except you never get a break even for 5 minutes unless you ever get to completely isolate from all people and not even go outside or have any contact with anyone online or offline. So yeah I kinda know the feeling man.

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