Are you stoned right now?

If so, drop your discord. Id love to meet more weed enjoyers

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  • megadriver

    I've tried weed brownies, but I didn't get high. I might have felt a bit more relaxed, but nothing crazy happened. No wild laughing at nothing, no hallucinations, no nothing.

    I can't smoke the stuff, cause I'm a non smoker. And I frown upon addicts. If you wanna fuck up your life - you're free to do so, but don't expect any help from me to get back on your feet. You WILLINGLY chose to do X-drug. And yes, I know people who have used drugs, so it's not like I'm just talking BS.

    I have no sympathy for addicts. I can understand turning to alcohol and weed in hard times, but nothing justifies the use of synthetic drugs.

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    • LloydAsher

      You got to try smoking it to work. I'd imagine your metabolism works the same as mine where edibles dont do shit besides make you tired and relaxed.

      Same synthetic drugs are for losers. Though I think weed is less damaging than alcohol. I feel like saliva tests for intoxication would be a good workaround for testing people.

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  • Tinybird

    Never been stoned in my life

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  • LloydAsher

    2 years ago I would of hit that offer up. Off that sauce now... I miss weed

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  • woahtherepardner

    haahahahhaa every day God I adore weed

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  • ALilBitNormal

    not rn, but add my dc! maddae#7825

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  • ObamaIfHeWasBlack

    The only time I got stoned was when I kissed a boy in Afghanistan eyooooooooo!

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  • PurpleHoneycomb

    I'm not, but the two people I'm playing R6S with are. If that counts for anything. Lol.

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