Are my feelings normal about this baby

I have a friend and when we were 18, we both graduated from highschool and she went off and got married. She didn’t go to her honeymoon due to money or something and then a year later she got pregnant. I was worried for her because I felt she was young and it was moving too fast, I don’t think being a young mother is bad but she also has a lot of trauma she needs to deal with. Before she got pregnant she would talk to me about running away with her and go through these phases and everybody just said it was her getting cold feet or that it was normal in marriages. Whatever, I’m not married so I don’t really know.

Anyways when she had her baby she got mad at me because I didn’t text her congratulations right away, I texted her a few days after to let her rest and she got mad at me saying I could’ve said it earlier? Idk . Apart of me is happy that she’s happy but I’m worried that in this future this might destroy her.. due to her past, which is a lot to explain. But yeah. Anyways am I normal, or a shitty friend I don’t know, if I’m wrong to not feel extremely with joy? ):

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  • litelander8

    Somehow, you lose friends from having a baby. She’s probably looking for adult companionship outside of her husband. Nothing is ever perfect. I think you should be less judgy and more supportive if you want to keep her as a friend.

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  • SkullsNRoses

    How were you supposed to know exactly when her baby was born if you weren’t in the delivery room with her?

    Although it’s generally not acceptable to say, becoming a mother at 19 does greatly restrict a woman’s options and your concern for your friend is understandable. At a certain point you have to accept that it’s her life and it’s not your responsibility to “look after” her, even though thats not an easy thing for a naturally caring person to do.

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