Are a lot of people hyper focused on gaining wealth?

Not trying to sh*t on anyone, you can live your life how you want.. but I see a lot of people hyper-focused on obtaining more wealth and extra streams of income when they seemingly don't need it. A ton of people are buying properties for Air BnBs and that's fine, but it's also not if it impedes on other people who want to buy a home to live in.

I understand having multiple incomes is a positive thing of course, because 1 job isn't guaranteed forever and sometimes your income doesn't supplement your cost of living, but I just don't understand why some people who seem to be doing fine need more. I guess I see it as greed.

Anyhow, I'm perfectly comfortable living a modest life, having my single job, and just saving my money. I'm not chasing anything more than that unless I absolutely need to.

Idk, what I'm saying is, I'd just be happy with having the extra money in my savings, versus investing it in a second house and renting it out for the income. I don't understand why this is so popular these days.

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  • kikilizzo

    I dont care about wealth. I cant work fulltime due to my autism and mental health issues so what I value is a workplace where I feel comfortable, and that I have. I save money too and that way I can always get by even if I unexpectedly need something that doesn't fit in my monthly budget. I used to know a guy who valued making money above all other things though and I just thought it was kinda insane. He had already burnt himself out once and he felt he rather continue to risk his health than to not get wealthier. That's not a very nice life to live. Burn yourself out enough and you might entirely lose the ability to work or have much of a social life since it basically fries your brain... Yet some people glorify that type of lifestyle where you push yourself past what your body tells you is OK, all for wealth...

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    • You are right that some people glorify that lifestyle, that's exactly what I have the problem with. It's like "You need to hustle or else you lose" but in reality, I'm not hustling and doing just fine, and it's okay for other people not to hustle. Living a modest, comfortable life is okay.

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  • normal-rebellious

    Ya it's normal, but you can get rich from watching news on your phone, and playing a game to win your reward. Money can be a con, it turns out some of these money-making schemes make you broke. You can do what you want with your money, but toxic poor people will drag you down and give you a hard time. I tend to hoard a lot of cash, it's a lot harder than people think, I should have my hundreds and use it for travel, eating a hotdog as I do, I'm not the one buying assets, I just need to make millions.

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    It's a sign of the breakdown of our society. We've made commercialism an end of itself, not a means. People don't care about others anymore. They're slaves to the accumulation of wealth.

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  • 1WeirdGuy

    The way I see it you are trained from a young age in schools to get a job and be an employee. But it's actually possible and quite easy to find a way to not work and have your money work for you. Once you figure out the whole system is rigged you can get ahead.

    Its not so much about getting wealth its about having financial freedom. I want to be able to be walking into a store and if I see something I like I can buy it. If I want to go somewhere I want to be able to go. People just want to never have to worry about money. I dont need a Bezos yaut but it would be nice to be able to go to amsterdam or something without worrying about the money. Or buy a new motorcycle.

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  • Anonnet

    I think it's because of the massive inflation. I'm pretty focused on gaining money because I want to retire early. I'm not hoarding cash because I'm greedy, I'm hoarding cash because I don't want to work, but costs keep going up. I'm basically working a job, putting a bunch of money in Acorns (an investing app), and working on side projects.

    I'm not buying houses and renting them out, though. Mainly because I don't have that kind of money, but also because I wouldn't even know where to get started.

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