Americans need to stop being go-getters at work

America is stressed. I wonder why? Stop being a go-getter at work. Work is not your life. Most employers, if you dropped dead, would replace you within a day to week. Don't let your boss bully you into doing free work at home, which mine recently requested. No. I have not done any work at home. My day ends exactly at 5 p.m. and I leave. See you tomorrow.
Don't kill yourself over your jobs. Don't work any longer than you need to, especially if you are not getting paid for it.
Focus on your families, friends, lovers, and hobbies.

Note- I am not saying be lazy. Just do the work you were paid to do and not anymore.

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Comments ( 12 )
  • Kermitthehog

    Man if you think Americans work hard you should see Asians.

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  • LloydAsher

    But I want money. With money I can upgrade my budding family life.

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  • Lusty-Argonian

    My job is my life. For 3 days I maje 26 an hour for the second set of 3 I make 40 an hour. Yup you have fun enjoying yoyr hobbies I'll be busy setting myself up for life

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  • olderdude-xx

    Actaully working hard is not the problem. Working hard at dumb work is the problem.

    People building professional careers with high payoffs have to work hard.

    People building businesses have to work hard. The payoff is a successful business.

    People doing low or minimal skill work are in a different category.

    Working smart (and hard at working smart) always has a far better payoff and resulting lifestyle than just working dumb.

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  • 1WeirdGuy

    When asking old ppl their biggest regrets 90% of them say they wish they hadnt worked so hard. I cant help it but make the same mistake I just have the worker bee mindset.

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    • bigbudchonger

      It's good for society, man. If everyone did a shit job/ just didn't care like OP is suggesting then your country would be shit.

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  • Wow3986

    Offensive to people that can't work.

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  • kelili

    I could not agree more. If everyone could take one year off from being an employee and doing something they enjoy without having a boss they would realise how much it is absurd to kill yourself or to attach to a 9-5 job. There is so much out there to enjoy and so much to see. Just staying at home doing nothing is a blessing.

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  • ospry

    America needs to gravitate more towards the unofficial slogan of Europe: "strive for mediocrity"

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  • notmyrealname123

    i thought it was cause they throw their children out when they turn 18 like wild animals.

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    • LloydAsher

      Hey they are adults now. So yes legally you can do it.

      Honestly I think teenagers would cut half their shit if they really internalized the meaning of being an adult.

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  • KholatKhult

    The west has some of the most unfulfilling careers I’ve ever heard of. I swear half the population makes 50k a year sending emails. I don’t know how they could ever feel satisfied being Red Tape Checker #24,800 and having to dedicate 40+ hours a week to that.
    It’s just adult daycare doing these nonsense jobs. Simultaneously working too hard and not hard enough at the same time. They’re just holding you in place until you age out and realize you have nothing.

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