A complete removal of children from the entertainment industry

Child stars, whether they be actors, musicians, or other, have a very obvious pattern of either going down the wrong path themselves, or being victims of the industry or their fans/stalkers

With advancements in AI and CGI able to make actors look younger, or even computer generate people entirely, should we remove all actual children from the entertainment industry ?

I support removing them 14
I do not support removing them 13
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  • litelander8

    They go “downhill” bc they all get raped and molested to move further in careers. Typically their parents are their managers and want to profit off their kids.

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  • bigbudchonger

    It's short-sighted. Removing children from acting would mean that essentially all low budget tv shows which can't afford extortinate cgi bills can't afford children to play any part. I get that some of them go bad due to the entertainment industry being as it is, but it's not like most of them go bad. It's kind of like Catholic priests; for everyone you here is a diddler there are a thousand that aren't.

    For every child that goes bad due to being a child actor there are probably well more than a thousand that don't go bad.

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  • kikilizzo

    That would be ideal. Hollywood is a cesspool and children should not be exposed to it.

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  • BleedingPain

    Danny DeVito can play the role of every child

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  • Anonnet

    No, I don't support removing them entirely. There have been many child stars that went on to live rich lives, it's just that they're mainly from specific, kid-friendly companies and not big movie productions. There's also smaller productions where there's nothing illicit going on because there isn't even that much money in the project.

    Also, do you really want CGI to be used to make adults look like children? Do you have any idea how creepy that is, or how creepy it's going to be???

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  • DrPissenschitz

    Removing children from the entertainment industry entirely probably wouldn't sit well with younger audiences. It's harder to relate to a character when they're twice your age

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  • raisinbran

    No good, the child sex trafficking industry would take a hit and [] would be stuck with low grade border children.

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    • DrPissenschitz

      No joke, California is actually deliberating on redefining what constitutes child abuse because if we keep it as currently "strict" as it is, more Hollywood execs and producers would be in prison, thus hurting the entertainment industry. Absolutely disgusting

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  • Jh9856

    Who gives a f*****??

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