20 y.o virgin girl

Hey I'm a 20 y.o virgin (female) I honestly so tired of being virgin I just don't want to lose it to a random guy recently I noticed that my hormones play too much and I can't stop thinking about a physical contact such as kissing hugging and this type of things I think that I never gonna find anyone I just gave up. This feeling is not constant but it happens often it can go away so easily but anyway, how do you guys cope with the feeling staying a virgin? Does masturbation help? And a weird one: have you ever kissed something like a toy or your body while imagining a person?

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  • SkullsNRoses

    Twenty is very young to declare hopelessness and give up, it’s common normal for introverted people to have no sexual encounters until their 20s.

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  • darefu

    I totally agree with DarkMatter.

    You can practice the kissing but real lips are totally different. Masturbation can help and a toy or two to get an idea of what you like. Nothing wrong with being a virgin, I highly respect that decision. When you do decide to change that, make it special not just some spur of the moment thing.

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  • Meatballsandwich

    Isn't being a female virgin a GOOD thing?

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  • Tinybird

    That's nothing, I'm a 25 year old virgin girl. I have never kissed either, and yes I do kiss my hand pretending it's my crush (which atm is Salad fingers) so yeah you can see why I'm a virgin. I never get crushes on actual real life unobtainable people.

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  • RandomNumbers

    you are still very young. Relax and try meeting people. A very valuable advice: try finding a mate in an interest group, never bars or parties. Try finding people who like to do what you like, start hanging out with them and their friends, and connect socially through that

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  • trulikiru

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  • Doc69moose

    Kiss your hood your so wet to taste..

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  • HannibleSmith

    get your self a sybian and ride it till you pass out when you wake up do it again and you will feel whole for a wile like a few days

    i have found using the venus 2000 that if you go hard for a few times you get a sense of peace for a week or so

    it kind of feels like falling and you get scared but when you pop that 4th or 5th time without stopping its like you have never had such a clear head before

    sorry if that got too graphic but get your self an aid and use it till you dont want to

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  • NickyNeopolitan

    Tbh don't rush into it! Masturbation helps me alot but I do sometimes perfer the real thing. I'm not big on kissing tho lol. Imma - get yours, I get Mines and keep it pushing type of girl.

    Me assuming, you have a good idea of who you would want to be your first and keep that in mind. Don't just give it up to anybody! Make sure they take care of you and both of yall are on the same page. I hope you have a keen eye for bullshitters/players/fuckboys/etc.

    Another note, if you have explored your body and know what turns you on, don't be shy to let your partner know. Communication is key and you Def don't wanna be having boring, unsatisfied sex. That would be a waste.

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    • Wow3986

      What a piece of shit comment. How do you know the OP has hands? Your comment is really unacceptable and offensive.

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  • UnconsciousRat

    If you're really desperate at the moment, get a life-size cardboard cutout of someone you like. It's weird, but it kind of works. I have once gotten pleasure from making out with a poster. I didn't think that was possible and I do not want to test that again.

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  • DarkMatter

    Masturbation helps. It's not bad. And I've kissed my hand before my first kiss because I wanted to practice. But I can tell you that kissing your body or toys does not prepare you for real kisses. And I don't think they're good for pleasure, since I think the pleasure received largely depends on the person you're attracted to, who's doing this.

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