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  • -I have been to jail for counterfeiting. It was so badly done I only spent 3 days in jail.
    -My driving infraction record is really bad.
    -I think inanimate objects are alive and energy flows through everything.
    -I think dreams are real and the characters in them are as real as the ones here.
    -I'm a 30 year old man living in my moms basement with no real job and my car isn't working.
    -I used to own about 60 videogame systems but sold most of them when it became a hoarding problem.
    -I regularly wear bizarre costumes in public for no reason.
    -I receive social security income but try not to tell anybody because of the stigma against people who receive government income.
    -I am diagnosed with an assortment of mental disorders including aspergers, schizoaffective, adhd, dyslexia and others that seem to be related to those.
    -I finally graduated grade school when I was 22. I also failed kindergarten.
    -Even though I never moved houses while growing up I never went to the same school for more than one year until 6th and 7th grade I went to the same one. 8th was another school again and I went to 3 different high schools after that. Nobody wanted me there.
    -I once called a bomb threat to the space needle because I had a dream it blew up so I wanted to warn them.
    -I have made other bomb threats I will not mention.
    -The Hamid troll is me. I use his character on several other websites as well and on facebook. Some of my real life friends are paranoid about him now.
    -I have saved my voicemails for over a year before just to make soundboards of my friends to prank call people they know.
    -I posted missing pregnant alligator fliers around the lake I live at a couple summers ago with my friends contact number saying $50 reward. He had to change his number because of all the angry calls including the police. There are still rumors of alligators.
    -I have experimented with an assortment of drugs but have never done any of them regularly other than alcohol, weed, tobacco and prescriptions. I have never shot up drugs that weren't administered by a doctor either.
    -There was once a large reward for me for burning down outhouses at construction sites. It was over 10 years ago so I can no longer get in trouble.
    -I once threw my drink at the drive through lady at jack in the box.
    -I have stolen probably thousands of dollars of items from the front of stores. Most of it was plants I was using to make a time travel forest in my yard out of Christmas trees and I used stolen firewood to keep from paying my heating bill. I stopped after I was caught and went to jail.
    -I was once tricked into helping someone move and they reported everything stolen for insurance fraud. I got in a lot of trouble and the court did not believe me. It is still believed I robbed the house.
    -I have been fired from several jobs for everything from blowing up the company truck to playing videogames on the job.
    -When I was a kid I would go around throwing rocks at peoples houses at night.
    -When I first started driving I would hit garbage cans in my truck on a regular basis.
    -In school I used to always throw the garbage cans down the stairs but they could never prove it was me.
    -I could write pages of things I vandalized as a child.
    -I'm pretty sure I have already admitted these things at some time on here.

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    • That's seriously awesome ;)

      So basically, you're everything from a social deviant with a sense of humor, to a compassionate part of humanity.

      How incredibly human.

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    • I suppose I will add more stuff.

      -I play several musical instruments including singing and computer music. I own all kinds of instruments from around the world.
      -My dad is an airplane mechanic on an airplane that travels around the world to third world countries to fix peoples eyes.
      -I almost always know when I am dreaming and remember them in vivid detail.
      -I have 3 black cats. One of them has 6 toes on his front paws.
      -I am banned from several places including an island.
      -I have screws and a metal plate in my arm.
      -I have other health problems such as hypermobile joints, arthritis, sleepapnea and gerd. Likely all this and my neurological problems are somehow related. I likely have elhers-danlos syndrome but haven't been diagnosed with that.
      -I remember being a baby although some say it must be false memories. I do sometimes remember things that didn't happen but my memories of being a baby are consistent of what others say.
      -I have shared dreams with several people who reported the same dream.
      -I live alternate lives in recurrent dreams.
      -My childhood best friend committed suicide 3 years ago. It still bothers me a lot which is why I always tell people how much suicide effects others. I have known a few other people who have committed suicide as well.
      -I am a bit of an alcoholic but have been cutting back because my liver tests weren't good and I need to watch my health.
      -I am a food snob and like most food as long as it's made well but wont eat most cheap things or fast food.
      -I have played in several local bands. At one time I was played regularly on all the local rock stations.
      -I was once approved for Ozzfest but later was denied when they found out I was on probation and not supposed to leave the state. Ozzy knew who I was at one time but has probablly forgot. You can see me in the background on an old episode of the Osbournes.
      -I have been on TV several other times as well as the news paper. Usually for music related things as well as a couple other times.
      -I hangout with some somewhat famous musicians such as KFMDM.
      -I once opened for Techn9ne.
      -I am often told I know very unusual people.
      -Despite my destructive behavior I often do a lot for people who actually need it and help people who are homeless, sick, poor or disabled, even at times when my own situation has been worse than theirs.
      -I have been going to the same karaoke bar several times a week for years.
      -I rarely go anywhere in my home area without knowing somebody. I don't mean to brag but I feel somewhat famous in my hometown.
      -I have wreaked several cars.
      -I once forgot the plumber was working outside when I wasn't supposed to flush. He was on the other side of the pipe after I took a shit and got sprayed. He was not amused and I was not able to stop laughing even though it was accidental.
      -I think I infested the I lived in at Oklahoma with mold because I slept next to the shower and would peel the siding off at night which allowed the water to leak and mold under the floor. The shower and fridge were in my room and the house was actually an old doctors office.
      -I have been to Europe twice and to the Middle East.
      -I have been to most the states and Canada.
      -I sponsor a girl in Columbia. I am also the god-father of one of my best friends daughter.
      -Sometimes I can be insensitive and people think I am mean but at the same time I do things like carry spiders outside and stop to check when I think an animal is hurt.
      -I don't understand how romantic relationships work.
      -I am probably the best customer at the tire shop. I seem to get a flat almost monthly at times.
      -I legally do not live anywhere. I'm technically homeless but always have somewhere to go.
      -I have produced albums for several local bands.
      -I dj at parties and events. Often I do it for free just to have something fun to do.
      -I lost my virginity at 20 to my girlfriend at the time and have had sex with 5 girls. 2 were girlfriends, 2 were one time things and 1 was fwb for a couple months. I was unaware at the time she was with her boyfriend who would drive her to and from my house. Looking back I find the situation funny.
      -My dad used to encourage me to do things to make my mom angry. Growing up my parents did not seem to care for each other. I think they might have stayed together as long as they did because of me.
      -I plan to run for president someday. Probably in 2020. I don't expect to win and am going to make it into a joke but I wont be surprised if I win because we always vote for a joke anyways.

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  • Alright, I'm ready.

    When I was 15, I got drunk, had a threesome, broke a mirror in my closet and crawled around in the broken glass- in that order.

    15, again- I was tripping balls in a mall around Easter time and yelled out to the East Bunny "Can I rape you, Easter Bunny?" That Easter Bunny did jokingly flirt with me after.

    I was very cruel to my brother when we were young. I feel deeply ashamed of it. He doesn't hold it against me, but I do.

    I used to freak out, scream and cry, pull my hair out, and run into a wall head first to stop myself from thinking. I've slammed my head into many things so I would get a headache and not be able to think.

    When I was 11, I walked up to my house and noticed the door was open. When I looked in, I witnessed my stepdad raping my mother. She was crying and yelling for him to stop. I walked away, shocked, and said nothing to nobody.

    That's enough for now.

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  • I used to self-harm.

    I've had sex in a park more than once.

    I apologise to snails I accidentally tred on.

    I once wrote a suicide letter.

    I am scared of growing old.

    I watch messed up stuff on the internet and regret it later.

    I can't drive.

    I am always late.

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    • I find it odd that this post has 3 male cutters all from England (I think at least British). I don't know any males in the u.s. who do, I'm sure there is a ton. It makes me wonder if it is something cultural (for lack of a better term)?

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      • I'm from the US and I and a few other male friends that I've had cut. So it's definitely a thing that happens here too.

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      • Never really thought about it. I don't know more UK males who have self-harmed than UK females. Still, overall rates vary by country, and the gender ratio might do so too.

        Wikipedia has a section on the frequency of self-harm around the world (obviously a challenging thing to measure accurately):

        And about gender:

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    • And you're often up you sleep disthing? I admire your honesty...I am not sure if you're the kind of person who appreciates online *hugs* but your list makes me want to hug you xx

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      • Ha I knew I missed something off the list:

        I have terrible sleeping habits - which partly explains the 'always late' thing. I lost a job because of it.

        But you seem to be up during the witching hours too? And thanks for the digital hugs :)

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        • Well its holiday time...and I have things on my mind.

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          • You know this is a confessions post. Perfect opportunity to offload them things on your mind... :P

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            • Yes some maybe, but my status here is less anonymous than yours. And I have confessed to writing that post about having fantasies about someone here, but I am sure that wasn't news to anyone. I felt like people knew it was me who wrote it.

              Ok some more confessions:

              I worry I'll always be alone. (please don't tell me wrong, it just helps to say it I guess...)

              I have a mutism-like disorder (although I'm told it's just part of borderline personality disorder) whereby I just cant be myself around people, hence coming on line...and I am much more myself here than I am to anyone in real life.

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    • The sex in a park sounds like a good one? Unless it was with some random granny...if so don't tell me. I guess there was something unsavoury about it. I've had sex outdoors but never a park I don't think.

      And I do the snails things too and try very hard to not tread on them and my heart sinks when you hear that crack/squelch.

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      • Yeah it was good, and no it wasn't with some random granny haha thankfully we weren't caught.

        I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels for the little things. I once partially stood on one, half cracking the shell, and attempted a makeshift repair with some sticky tape. So if you see a snail sliming along with some awkwardly positioned sellotape on its back, that was probably me :P

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    • "I used to self harm"

      Makes sense. Liberal self blaming wussies usually do that.

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      • Ah I wonder what things you might confess if you weren't hiding behind some loser persona?

        "ur all fuckin' faggots do you even lift? lol liberal apologist obama loving white guilt motherfuckers hoorah usa fucking owns"

        Crusades moves away from his computer in solitude and wonders what the fuck is wrong with him and why he still trolls on IIN year after year, clearly desperate for attention he's not receiving elsewhere. The only way he can get people to notice him is by being obnoxious - he's too much of a pussy to try and say something sensible for fear of nobody paying him attention at all... Poor Crusades

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        • Someone who does self mutilation is in no position to criticize others.
          I never cut myself nor did I feel the need to harm myself ever. Because, unlike you, I'm happy with the person that I am, and even if I wasn't happy,still wouldn't resort to self mutilation. That emo bullshit is so not trendy anymore but what do people like you know? You think having scars on your body is gonna make people sympathize with you more? "look at me everybody, i cut myself i am so lonely and depressed"

          And you're telling me that I am desperate for attention ... what?!

          Confessing about your weaknesses and exposing yourself is something you do at your own risk and you should be able to accept negative feedback. But you don't want that. You only want support and empathy because you are weak minded.

          And when thing don't go your way, you have a breakdown like the weak individual that you are.
          And you cut yourself, like a coward.

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          • Hey - I'm willing to admit to my weaknesses. I certainly did have issues with depression, and anxiety, and expressed that through being antisocial and cutting myself. It was always a private issue (not attention seeking) and it's only in hindsight I'm open about it. I'm a flawed individual. I don't think self-harm has benefited me in any way, and I wish I had been strong enough at the time to find alternative, constructive ways of dealing with my problems.

            This is a post about confessions, so I confessed. I am not seeking affirmation or support for past problems I have since (more or less) learnt to deal with on my own.

            Again, refer to my post above, Mr. Tough Guy. It's strange that you remain in a community towards which you are so unwaveringly hostile and one which - for the most part - responds with equal antipathy towards you. Perhaps you've got one or two things you'd like to confess? Or just perpetuate your bullshit troll persona because you want to appear superior... Wouldn't want to push you into doing anything you're clearly afraid of doing.

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          • You are too stupid to feel depressed over the person that you are because you are most likely too stupid to see how awful the world can be.
            All I see from you is negativity and hurtful comments hurled at other users and you are even too much of a coward to not even dare to put up a picture of yourself?
            I'm willing to bet that you are ugly on the outside too.

            Quite possibly a fat jerk that doesn't ever get laid and no one loves you?

            He did also said that he USED to selfharm. USED.

            I have never harmed myself and yes to a small degree I agree with you that it's a sign of weakness but I have done enough reading and met enough people to at least know the thoughts behind such behavior.

            You suck, you suck so fucking hard.

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            • No such thing as "USED" to be in the mindset of self cutters. Their recidivism is innate. Their mind is lost from the inception. They did it in the past, they will do it again, sooner or later.

              And of course you would try to coddle him by condoning his behavior, trying to justify the unjustifiable without taking his questionable sanity into account. Excuses shmexcuses...
              But i should expect this from someone who has turquoise hair.

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          • I'm sorry you don't even remotely understand any deeper concept or reason for self-mutilation through your narrow, shit-riddened tunnel vision.

            I'm sorry you wouldn't know the difference between criticism and ignorance if it was shoved up your tight bullheaded ass.

            And I'm sorry you can't take a second to think about other people's misfortunes that are deeper rooted than your egoistic first world problems of choosing who to troll next.

            Fuck you.

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  • I'm batman

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  • Let's start with something that will surprise most people- This will NOT focus entirely on my sexual experiences but I:

    I believe that a fetus is a small human being, but I'd still abort it without a second thought.

    I hate/dislike most people- Not myself though.

    The only real anxiety I have is my enormous fear of dying.

    You know overly-attached girlfriend-memes? I can relate to a lot of them ... so much >_>

    I started to masturbate when I was 12 after starting sex-ed in school. Seemed interesting and that was the start of six years of pillow humping.

    I am a very emphatic person that cares about others, but I try to shut that side of in a lot of cases because it leads nowhere good but wasted energy.

    I'm filled with double standards and split opinions regarding most things.

    I have never self-harmed, and I sadly enough look down upon the people who do but I would still treat them decently.

    I don't care about social norms or standards at all. As long as you are not hurting someone else but yourself and other consenting people go for it.

    I doubt that I will ever get a job.

    I sometimes listen to music such as NIcki minaj or justin beiber or why not Gunter? ( Sometimes variation from meaningful and nice rock and metal music is just what I need)

    I pee in the shower, and the bathtub.

    I distrust most people, one day or the other they will all most likely disappoint me so I just try to make the best out of it and keep my expectations low.

    I've had sex with: Same gender, cousin, oposit gender, transgirl, at a sexclub, outdoors.

    I've had: threesome, foursomes, done erotic shows on cam for money and I loved it, met up with a guy to punch his balls and piss in his mouth in exchange for money.
    And I also fantasize about nearly EVERYONE around me which leads me to just assume that I wouldn't mind fucking basically everyone.

    related to the upper paragraph: I'm a sex addict but I would never cheat, I despise cheating

    I have ADHD and refuse medication. Been going to the gym since June and is soon about to start KBT therapy with the hopes of managing my mood-swings better and maybe even learn to control the fact that I have my emotions on my sleeve.

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  • I sometimes still wish I could get my Hogwarts acceptance letter.

    I've had a fetish for a certain type of clothing since my early memories. I know it's harmless, but I sometimes feel like I'm a freak for it.

    I used to find bruising myself was a healing practice. I've since stopped.

    I write erotic fiction. I also write 'regular' fiction.

    For years I felt like I was the reincarnation of a famous dead musician. It scared me sometimes.

    Sometimes my own poems and stories make me cry.

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  • As a kid I had a very strong urge to put our housecat inside a microwave and switch it on. It wasn't anger or frustration. I didn't dislike cats either. It was just a calm curiosity and desire. And I never acted on it. I was 8 years old then.

    One night, I took my cat... held it in my arms... petted it so it would feel comfortable.. and I took it outside for a short walk.... And my cat was a little timid at first but then I put him on the ground, and he started chewing on the grass. A few moments later, I took my hand, put it under his belly and...................... picked him up and came back inside. He seemed quite pleased with the trip. This was a few hours ago

    Both paragraphs are true but second one isnt a confession. I wrote it just to freak someone out haha. Don't worry I'd hurt myself before I hurt an animal, but I always judged myself for having that urge as a kid.

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    • I was mad then I wasnt

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    • Wtf!! As I read this I was like, this mothafucka better not have hurt or killed the cat!!

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    • lol, You sonuva. You had me going. Hahah.
      I had a horrible imagination when I was a kid. I imagined taking an axe to my cat, whom I loved dearly, and it made me cry. I was 7. Man, kids are sadistic. lol.

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      • I completely agree, I was a very twisted kid. How do you think your "horrible imagination" influenced the adult version of you?

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        • I still feel very sad when I imagine horrible things. I feel compassion and understanding where others can't, because I live in the feelings of my imagination and my memories. It was very hard for me to compute as a child, but I've learned to separate my ego from the process and connect my humanity.
          Should I elaborate or do you catch what I'm saying?

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          • I get what you mean but you've piqued by interest and curiosity to want to hear specific examples. Don't worry, you don't need to. I have a solution *sticks you in the microwave*

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            • Well, in other words I take my own feelings outside of a scenario so that I can understand the person. People always add their feelings to perspective, which limits their understanding on about everything. If you want to learn something, you have to remove your feelings until you go through the scenario. Then you can develop true feelings about that scenario.
              For example, pedophilia. If anyone announced they were a pedophile, they would be buried alived- but what would you make of someone who never acted on it? Who refuse to be around children, can't live with themselves and they burn themselves or something horrible every time they start to think of it? What if you learned that they shouted it out because they felt they should be punished and they never told you this side of the story?
              I used to imagine what kind of sick people could do this thing and that until I started separating my ego and connecting my compassion. Just to give an example.

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  • Back when I was in high school when the teachers would have some of the students grade papers, I'd prick my finger and grade the papers with my blood. I found the other students reactions to seeing blood on their tests amusing for some reason. They never found out it was me. Lol.

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    • Nice. I did something similar in school.
      We were taking a test and I have a wart on my finger at the time and I took a staple and ripped it off and started writing my test in blood. The girl sitting next to me freaked out and the teacher escorted me out and the girl requested I dont come back saying "he scares me". It probably didn't help that I was a 20 year old in a class with highschool freshmen. I was not allowed back in that class permanently.

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      • I actually did think about doing the same thing, but something told me I would have been kicked out of the Brentwood school district if I did, so I chickened out of doing that. The teachers, students, and principals were so paranoid of everything at that school since there was either fights, violence, or something fucked up happening there on a weekly basis.

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  • I prefer books, my piano, nature and animals to most people. But I do know I am missing out on something by not being able to have proper friends, but its not that big of a deal for me.

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  • I'm a figment of your imagination.

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  • I lost my cat about three years ago and I still miss him very much
    I lost both my parents before I even turned twenty
    I have a fear of getting pregnant
    I hate most children with a passion
    I think a lot diagnosed cases of ADHD are actually just bad diet, too much energy, no exercise and bad parenting
    I read online erotica
    I am on a mission to not cry in front of people anymore

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  • These were things I already confessed to on this site, but here they all are in one big post :

    - Back when was a child and my broke ass family moved around, I used to torment the pests/vermin that infested those old run down houses.

    - I'm bisexual and prefer men, but have WAAAY more experience with women. It's the reason why I'm afraid to get back on the dating scene(I don't count using strap-ons on a dude because I'm not the one being penetrated) .

    - I sometimes secretly wish my older brother would drop dead because he's a burden on my parents.

    - I have stolen money multiple times from my parents as a kid and I used to shoplift and steal from others A LOT.

    - For the past decade I've had dreams of the lives of eight different anime looking people who live in a semi-floating timeline. Most of their adventures play out like a typical shoujo action anime but there are some events that happened in those dreams that are really fucked up(graphic rape, genocides, suicides of characters, etc). I have notebooks filled with some of these dreams. I've put them together and I might start drawing them soon.

    - I used to hate the male gender with a passion as a kid because of all the sex offenders, grown me that would flirt with me, and illegal immigrants cat calling me in spanish and trying to grope me.

    - I don't care about my cousins, aunts, uncles, or co workers feelings, lives, or overall well being. Heck, whenever a tragedy that kills millions happens or whenever someone dies in general, I honestly don't care. I'll only pretend to care to avoid being ostracized.

    - My dog passed away in 2012 and I still haven't gotten over it.

    - I think my older sister is too chubby for some of the clothes she wears now(she tells me she's a meduim, but she's clearly a large in some brands now and it clearly shows), but I'll never say it to her face because she's the last person in this world I'd ever want to hurt the feelings of.

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    • I seem to have forgotten some of the other stuff I've confessed to on here before:

      - Shock videos don't disgust me. When watching them with others I'll only pretend to be disgusted just so I don't seem weird.

      - I never cared about 9-11 and I get annoyed whenever it's mentioned every year.

      - I enjoy watching gay porn and to a lesser extent femdom porn. I also enjoy yaoi manga and specifically look for seke manga instead of that overused stereotypical uke/seme garbage.

      - I like it when dudes cross dress. When I mean like, I mean REALLY like.

      - A part of me secretly despises my sister even though she's the person I care about the most in this world. I also partially resent the fact that she plans on moving to another state because I know once she moves, we'll never see each other face to face ever again. I also dislike the fact that I'm ALWAYS the one to visit her. She says that because of the issues with mom, she won't visit me, but I wish she'd just get over it already.

      - I have an unnatural fear of bathrooms that I'm not familiar with. I can only use my bathroom, the bathrooms at my sister's house, and the bathrooms at work. Anytime I try to use other bathrooms, I get scared. I'm also scared of gaining back the weight I lost and becoming that ugly 200 pound tub of lard I was in 2011.

      - I regret buying the house I currently live in and wish I could go back to 2008 to stop myself from doing so.

      - As a child, I used to have fantasies about violently torturing the people that bullied me.

      - I have a crush on two of the users here. I also seem to crush on fictional characters a lot.

      - I legitimately enjoy working at Target and I see the Food Ave area as my second home to the point where I can be very territorial about it.

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    • Wow, I'm legitimately jealous of the dreams you've had about the anime-looking people! I've seen so much anime in the past 12 years that you'd think that *all* my dreams would be anime-based, but my dreams about them happen very rarely and never even come close to the scope or content of your dreams.

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      • To be honest, with some of the messed up things I've seen in them, its not really something to get jealous of. lol. When I was a teen dreaming about them it actually had me questioning my sanity for a short time.
        For the most part I'm usually able to lucid dream, but when I dream about that little anime world, I have no control over the dreams. It feels like I'm watching an episode of a show when these dreams occur. I remember when I started writing their adventures down I reread the notebooks trying to decifer why I have these dreams and noticed something with each hero and villian: they either seem to represent really really small pieces of who I am, who I was, or the people in my life. I also noticed that even the layouts of the towns, schools, and other buildings seem to look similar to the towns, schools, and buildings I used to see. My friend has dubbed the notebooks "The dreams of a madwoman" lol.

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    • I totally empathise and I'm sorry about your dog, my dog passed away in 2012 too and I still really miss her, she was a springer spaniel called molly, we had to put her down at 15 after a series of mini strokes, that was the worst part, she deserved to go in her sleep, not slowly deterioating like that, I was quite young when we got her so it can be hard to remember life before her.

      As bad as it soinds , the death of molly hit me harder than the death of my grandmothers, I didn't particularly see them that often but a dog, there when you wake up, there when you get home and there wagging their tail when you feel like shit,

      I'm sorry to hear about your dog, what kind of dog was he or she if you don't mind me asking?

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      • Aww. Sorry about Molly. :(
        I can understand that feeling of mourning pets more than family members. A person is more attached to the ones that are there for them more.
        Blackie was a Husky mix of some sort from Alaska. I used to think she was part black lab, but I wasn't so sure.

        <a href=";page=1" rel="nofollow" class="ui-link"></a>

        My family got her in the summer of 98 when she was two years old and I was 9 at the time. Blackie died in the summer of 2012.

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      • Also I used to have a shoplifting game, there was a shop on the way back from high school with really bad security, me and a friend Zach would go in and see how much stuff we could take, it would start out as a Mars bar, then we'd queue and actually buy something, then we'd fill our school bags with Pepsi and chocolate and just walk straight out, it got so obvious and nothing happened that in the end we made a point of trying to see how far we could push it before being caught, we'd stand by the chocolate section and talk as we stuffed our pockets and left the store with stuff visably hanging out of our pockets, the last time we went I walked out with a kinder egg in my hand and 4 Mars bars placed in my hood hanging out, never got caught, over a year we must have stolen about 50-60 pounds worth :s

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  • I won't tell you what types of fertilizer I have in my flower pots...

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    • Ok that reminds me of one,

      I pissed on my compost in the garden - I had heard it helps the compost. Hope the neighbours didn't see.

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  • Im pretty sure I have confessed practically everything on here by now.

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  • I am not brave enough to write confessions.

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  • That was probably me who farted.

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  • I should probably follow suit after some of the honest answers.

    I think I hate myself

    In the first year of high school I stole a " friend's " green day brand new wrist band to give to a girl who liked green day

    I make stupid purchases to distract myself from how unhappy I am

    At my first concert I got so drunk I vomited all over a really attractive blonde girl in front of me

    I'm not actually a king

    I used to cut myself and have scars on my upper left arm, I refused to get dressed for pe because of it, and I was fat, even though I've lost weight I won't show my arm, I'm ashamed of it, and my remaining weight

    I once puked so hard I shit myself ( I was by a toilet, not that it makes it better )

    I used to occasionally take 20's out of my mum's purse

    I think pitch perfect is a fucking brilliant film so aca fuck you

    I punched a kid in the face in middle school who didn't deserve it, always regretted it

    I was too cowardly to be there for my grandmother when she was dying

    I don't like carrots

    I think I'd actually loose a body part if it meant I could sleep with zooey deschanel

    There's more but well...... I think I've embaressed myself enough for a while

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    • -
    • you are a king.

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    • *hugs* you may hate yourself, but I love you as you are.

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    • "I don't like carrots"

      You inspired me to write one now. It's tough to do but I don't think there's anything to feel embarrassed about. Everyone's got a shaded story or two.

      It's pretty liberating to bring them to the light, to say to yourself and the world: "I'm me, and I'm not ashamed to tell it how it is."

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    • You're awesome for sharing all of that stuff.

      I must say though, all those carrots are going to be heartbroken after they find out their king does not like them.

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      • -
      • Yeeeeeeah............. Kinda regret it after waking up and re reading it haha

        Its okay they're resiliant, and besides I'm planning to buy them a fishery, no one can stay mad when they've got a fishery, and carrots love fish.........don't they?

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    • You wrote something pretty cool on (my) writing competition...seriously I think there's a talent there. *hugs* and xxx

      The puking so hard you shit yourself one is kinda funny...sorry.

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      • -
      • Oh that was you!! :D thank you

        And thanks :)

        Haha oh its hilarious, even having sickness and diarrhea at the time I had to swear, then laugh, then puke again haha

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    • Brave of you to share all that!

      "I used to cut myself and have scars on my upper left arm, I refused to get dressed for pe because of it"

      I can totally empathise with that.

      I have a nasty set of scars across my thigh which are really fucking difficult to explain away to girlfriends. Makes me pretty uncomfortable about undressing in front of people...

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      • -
      • I thought fuck it, stated embarrassing myself on another thread anyway haha,

        I'm sorry, yeah its an awkward thing to approach with someone

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  • Once I spoofed charlie.m. It wasn't a nice thing to do. I am sorry to her even though we don't like each other.

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  • I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die....

    Oh wait, that wasn't me. That was a Johnny Cash lyric. Same thing.

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  • Deleted

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  • Before the new year comes, I'd like to add one more thing...
    3 years ago I was on the edge of becoming an alcoholic.
    All the bad things that had happened to my family just got to me and I turned to alcohol. A bottle of spirit, or 5-8 beers was my "cure". My parents were close to a divorce cause of my mom's mental health when I was 12. She had to take meds. My grandparents died, then my mum got a hernia operation. Then my dad had to have his heart valve replaced. Even when I got together with my current girlfriend in 2012, I continued drinking, stuck with bad memories, not really enjoying anything. It was her and my closest friends that helped me leave the past in the past and look forward in life. I never said anything about this to my parents, cause I didn't want to look like a pitiful loser.

    Now, I still sometimes feel sad looking back, but then I look at the current situation. Both of my parents are healthy and well and my relationship with my girlfriend is great. I got a good job, friends, etc.

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  • Confessions are for me too personal to share honestly openly in public: I don't want the world of people knowing the true me especially when I can't trust person to person: My cloesest of friends know my true confessions because I trust them as they in turn trust me with ther hidden agena of themselves: So it is a no no for me to openly confess my personal naughtiness and my fantazies and fetish's no way what-so-ever

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  • I was so scared of my parents when I was a kid that I was sick and they left to buy something when I was around 8. I broke the thermometer while trying to measure my temperature, and I made a farewell latter being afraid of the punishment, and was going to escape from my house. I ultimately decided not to since it was winter, and the living in the forest would have been too hard.
    Fun fact
    When I saw the mercury that came out of the thermometer I thought it was little pearls I could play with. I touched them, and even tried to put them in my mouth. I never told my parents about it.

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  • Got one. I'm eating m&ms for dinner cos I'm too lazy to cook.

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    • -
    • Shit, so when are you inviting me around for dinner?!

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      • -
      • They're 'merican m&m's, too...those guys get all sorts of shit we don't...

        Except they don't get crispy anymore, but we do. Go figure.

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        • -
        • Wait, what's the diff?

          No crispy? Get the fuck out!
          They're awesome! Although I haven't had them in ages...

          They don't get Cadbury ;)

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          • -
          • Well the ones I had tonight were Cherry. I think they must be new.

            They also have pretzel, peanut butter (of course...), coconut, almond...I can't remember what else he's sent me over the last couple years.

            Didn't eat any when I was over there, though. I've gone off sweets, tbh.

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            • -
            • What the fuck. Why would you eat that American shit when you can have a Violet Crumble? Heaven awaits on the candy shelf at your local store, mate!

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  • I changed my username from kingsleycrowne to Holzman67 partly because I didn't want people, at a glance when reading comments, to get me mistaken for kingofcarrotflowers or vice versa. We both had the same colour lettering, the words are similar length and contain similar letters

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  • Confessions...I don't even know where to start.

    - I pretend to be naive and have no idea what's going on because I find it easier than dealing with people.
    - I learned three days ago that my best friend was in love with me for 2 years and I cried for hours because he left my life and I never understood exactly why.
    - My mother told me straight up that she hated me and that I was the scum of the earth.
    - My mother tried to instigate a fight by threatening to beat up and kill my dog...but I was too hurt/scared to fight her. I took my dog and never came back.
    - I dislike and distrust most people but I try to be more loving at the same time.

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  • i has a barbecue grill on my wooden deck which is contrary to local fire codes

    in my defense im not the least bit fraid of fire and has many more firefightin methods than average peoples at my disposal

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  • Sometimes I'm a dick to people when I'm angry and I usually regret it later.
    I drift company cars and generally drive them like a douche.
    I pee in the shower
    I've failed one term, cause I was lazy - I regret that the most
    I punched a gay dude in the stomach and almost beat him up, cause my girlfriend was resting her head on his shoulder and he was calling my girlfriend "dear". Didn't know he was gay at the time.

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  • Im particle man!!!!

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  • *man's voice* Oh my! More bonding! We shall get to know each other well! Ahahahahaha~
    *back to me* Anywho, time for me to confess!

    -I'm considered innocent... I'm not.
    -I read R-18 doujinshis and lemons almost everyday... I get bored easily.
    -I think my cousin's a bitch to her parents. ...Actually, everyone in my family thinks that.
    -I am not Pika-girl! I'm actually... someone... else.
    -I'm really shy and weird IRL, so if you ever meet me (I know two of you people have), I would just be standing there "abnormally"...
    -I almost committed suicide and stopped my sister from it.
    -I just realized... Most of my favorite characters in anything are dorks... Like me!
    -I think about being a gay dude...
    -Around the ages of 3 to 5, I used to take the fish out of the bowl and watch them breathe.
    -I started fake clubs... Well, we had fun!
    -I forget I'm a girl and consider myself a genderless form.
    -I actually never want to have sex... I don't wanna be preggers.
    -If I do have a child, I'll adopt one.
    -I love roleplaying and cosplaying, no matter what day or time! ...You might already be aware of this.
    -I don't think Kirby's adorable. My cousin asked my if he was cute in my eyes, and I said, "Eh. He's alright."

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    • -
    • I'm with you on the genderless thing and forgetting being female and feeling like I'm a gay man in a woman's body - heard Madonna say that and I sorta get it. I'm also shy and awkward, might like to adopt one day, love role playing and fancy dress. But...are you Japanese or..? And you still didn't tell me what shippings are...

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      • -
      • Hehe cool!

        Nope, my family's from the Philippines, but I'm just into Japanese culture.

        Ah, shippings are when you want to people to be in a relationship. Let it be legit or a headcanon.

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  • I anonymously mailed nudist magazines to a girl once. It helped me to forget about her.

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  • I kind of hate most people, including myself. Well that's not exactly accurate. I love the essense of people, including myself, but I hate most of the things we do and what they represent. If I told people every time they do something that makes me feel that way, I'd never stop talking and I worry that I wouldn't have any of the friends I have.

    I have real problems expressing myself. Sometimes I can't find all the words, sometimes I can't work out how to practise abstract ideas. Other times I could, but I'm scared of the reaction from other people. I'm deeply neurotic.

    I struggle with gender and sexuality. I have a penis and I almost exclusively wear "boys' clothes", but I feel uncomfortable calling myself male. I am also not female. Gender doesn't exist, and yet most people are comfortably adhered to one side of the binary. If I deviate I am required to explain myself, as if I'm the one doing something weird. We are all required to constantly police ourselves with regards to gender (as well as other categorisations), but it seems to me that most people have internalized their categories and truly believe their gender comes from themselves, whereas I am offended by the thought of being categorised by default (I'm an individual, fuck you).

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  • I once took a mate's car, without permission, to go score drugs and crashed it on the way back.
    I paid off the entire damage bill but I'll never get back the respect.

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  • I've very boring, but that's fairly obvious :/

    I don't know :(

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  • I'm pretty sure my husband loves his dogs more than me.

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  • My confession was so twisted and perverted that the OP deleted it twice. I stand before you forever in shame. I will try to emulate the understanding and fellowship of the IIN community. I hope you will accept me.

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  • Oh ok lets see

    I once used my graphic design skills to perfectly replicate a report card and printed it on the same paper used for report cards I got out of the supply closet at school...all to change a D to a C so I wouldnt get grounded.

    Customers came in trying to get a free pizza...after I showed evidence on why they shouldn't get one the manager said to give them one anyway just so they would go away....I spit all over their pizza...cuz f*ck thoes people.

    When I was like 13 a boy asked me out we dated for a few days before he said he just did that to get closer to a friend of mine then they kissed in front of me...I stole his arrowhead collection.

    In highschool a guy I dated cheated on me(2nd time) then broke up with me ...I poured milk in his gas tank.

    A friend of mine called my mom a slut while talking on the phone with some new friends she made (my mom did a lot for this girl.) then she hit me with her shirt...she wouldn't let me out of her room so i punched her in the stomach. After exiting her room i told her grandma then gleefully watched as her grandma beat her with a shoe. After that i spread awful rumors about her some were true others made up...she had to switch schools. (She treated me bad after making a few new friends for some reason)

    When me and my brothers were young our dog barked a lot so their dad got him a shocking dog coller... me and my brother played dog owner and dog, he was the dog. I put the coller on him and told him to park...he did... it shocked him. When our parents came in and saw whathappened they laughed so hhard I didn't get I trouble...I did many more pranks.

    As a child my brothers dad beat me. He pulled out a chunk of my hair on one side of my head that if I split my hair evenly you could feel not see the difference. He also did other things like made me hold a dictionary in each hand and hold my hands up and out to the sides...if my hands went down a little I would have to start over...and many other things.

    Thats all I can think of right now :P

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  • I draw cartoon porn

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    • -
    • Ha seriously? Do you share it with people?

      I once 'corrected' someone's cartoon porn - it was some anime style girl, but the artist had totally fucked up her eye position. The dormant OCD in me kicked in and I had to change it in Photoshop until it looked good. I didn't even like the picture :P

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      • -
      • lol. those little details can totally ruin the mood!
        Yeah I upload it on paheal's rule34 site

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  • I once masturbated naked on a deserted beach. My imaginary partner was a girl who in real life had invited me into an empty garage to fuck me back in 8th grade. I turned her down and feel like my decision to be a good boy kicked off a chain of bad karma in my life that lasted many years. The bad karma continued until I sent her nudist magazines from a "secret admirer".

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  • I don't flush public toilets.

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  • As a child i used to take worms and mash them up then put them in my mums shampoo bottle.

    i once peed outside and stung myself on nettles.

    i often dip my oreos in peanut butter and put pickled onions in my ice-cream.

    i used to cut my arms.

    i once ran over a bunny rabbit with my motorbike.

    im a die hard harry potter fan

    i was a complete asshole to my siblings, i used to make them eat things like soap.

    im strangely attracted to snape from harry potter, ohh and still waiting for mu acceptance letter for hogwarts.

    i put oatmeal in my stepfathers shoes because he beat me up.

    my girlfriend fell asleep during a skype call and i watched her sleep.

    i have dreams about killing people in the most gruesome ways possible.

    i put our dog in the trash can when i was a kid.

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  • I pee over the side after dark at anchor, and in day time while sailing.

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  • I have been binge eating since my dad died and i cant stop and when i do stop it's because i will stop eating completley

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  • If you knew even a fraction of the things I've done, you would never be able to sleep again.

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  • once someone gave me a bag of clothes to take to a charity shop coz i was passing , i took out his jeans, they were worn and soft and smelt of him, I wore them in my room and fantasized in front of the mirror

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