You're wrong

If you believe in a higher power or mother nature you're wrong and I always hated those religions, there's God, there are the gods of the underworld, there's Satan, but there isn't an unintelligible higher power out there, there's no Allah, and there's no Thor, I'm atheist about such things but not atheist of gods someone didn't pull out their ass! You're wrong, in fact you're so wrong it's outside your perception and isn't sensible, I see my gods, so it's sensible. Esse est percipi, to be is to be perceived, and colours and textures are experienced directly. Science would lay to rest how wrong you are.

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  • To me the ass pull is God

    I've heard some compelling arguments, but I'd like someone to respond to this, if they can

    There's corruption in churches and religion

    Five centuries or so ago some European church was selling Indulgences, pricey knick knacks that let you sin

    There are also the pastors like Tony Spell who use their power for their own personal gain instead of the betterment of the community, the true Christian values

    As well as all priests or whatever "indulging" in little kids

    So this entirely constructed and composed organized belief system, or religion, has set the stage for lots of people to abuse and be abused

    So if your religion is so great, why doesn't it work out in the big picture?

    My belief systems don't require me or anyone else to change their beliefs or believe in anything that requires the same leap of faith as in Christianity

    Not even Christians are condemned under my beliefs, unless they build some bad karma against me, but that's how it is for anyone

    Nature is also just more natural to believe in. I almost feel like this post is inspired by some comments I've made. But we have the universe around, the planets, stars, our sun, the moon, forests, rivers, mountains, predators, prey, symbiotic relationships, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, bacteria, cells, organs

    We can observe, study, test, and define things like physics, chemistry, algebra, calculus, statistics, geometry and we can all believe that without a shadow of a doubt that they exist as absolute truths but we can ignore things like energy, vibrations, frequency even though we have tons of research and evidence to support the claims that are ignored with little regard

    How is believing everything is made entirely by design by a fabricated God any more practical to believe in than say for example there exists a dense mass of energy that explodes to create the physicality that we just so happened to be birthed into

    The only really good reason I've ever gotten to be religious is for the spiritual development, but I can get that through psychology, listening to philosophers, meditating, astrology, crystals

    What exactly makes my way so fundamentally flawed that people who believe in things that can't even begin to be examined in the real world have the audacity to flat out deny what's plainly seen by all

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    • Yes, that's true, as Christianity's not bloody religion as I found out, it's a business to suck money out of you. It was meant to be religion but Christianity's a cult, they want your money. Jesus's religion has gone wrong when it was turned into marketing, money and commercialism, it's gone very right when people shove religion down your throat, not allowing you to believe something else and think for yourself, Christians do a half-arsed job at copying Jesus. It's not all biblical, it's not, like any other religion, about following the scriptures 100%, but about being a disobedient rebel with magic rituals and they call it a prayer. Religion is the first and worst invention to live spiritually, I follow sects not religions.

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  • Pipe down, Hans.

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  • Nature isn't a religion lmao

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  • I take it a step further and say there is no god, there is just what we see and observe (the sciences you mentioned). To be fair, I can't say whether there is a god that designed the things around us, or they just are that way, or some other power designed them. Furthermore, I believe it is presumptuous for us humans to assume that either there are or aren't gods without proof, let alone making rules about what god likes and doesn't like and making stories to showcase the consequences of disobeying said god. If there was a god, I bet practically all human religions would be an insult to it (who says god has a gender, let alone a "He?").

    If you want to believe there is some guiding power in the universe, that's fine, well, and good though. I don't care. What I do care about is that organized religion has harmed and exploited society needlessly.

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    • That's true, Mr or Ms E, but you seem to think that I meant atheist literally, I wasn't atheist about the Puritan God or Necronomicon gods, but I changed my mind, I'm back to my new years resolution swearing not to change one atom of myself, that means I'm back to being an atheist and only summon gods but don't worship them or believe in them. The "rules of religion being an insult to god" are clear, it's not so much rules or being good that's the problem, the problem is people are using religion to believe what they can't see or touch, and to think they can use entertainment to their advantage and live with mod cons in life, ordering a steak Diane, that's not religion, it's hypocrisy, in all probability you're a secular hypocrite, you're probably religious or god-fearing, Christopher Hitchens as I found out was a hypocrite, he unconsciously was pro-religious and not anti-religious, jews never change, once a religious jew as Christopher Hitchens, always a religious jew!

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