You know it's normal to have these mobile apps

Something as simple as an onion farming app, or a "benefits of onion" app is normal for a gardener wannabe and an onion eater, as a calligraphy app is normal for a writer and a pocket watch app is normal for a guy who has a pocket watch.

This isn't unusual, and it's not eccentric, and not odd.

I suppose we'll never know, is it no wonder I'm in this best-app-of-the-century state? Some of the apps had to be cleaned up to make room for those other apps.

It might be no wonder I have a cardio workout app, nothing unusual about that, I'm just a physically active and writing person at the same time who eats quinoa and tuna in a tub and drinks real coffee, drinking cappuccino to go, it's not about food, since I like green, I don't know, it might be completely normal to get a "green" game.

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  • Yeah, this is definitely the most reasonable thing I've read on this website so far today.

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    • Yet it is what's presented to you, reasonable it is, what I like to add is that your acknowledgement's appreciated.

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