Yesterday i went out wearing bisexual pride colors and got hit on a lot.

Normally I think the wearing your sexuality on display is dumb. I usually just keep it to myself unless asked. An internet friend of mine knew I liked knee high striped socks and sent me some that were the bi pride stripes. It turned out I liked the stripes, so I bought a plaid skirt with similar colors and a black tank top with hearts of similar colors. I put it on and hung out in the city. I wasn't expecting anything out of it since I thought no one knew any of the pride flag colors. Throughout the day I encountered odd things like being hit on by three lesbian chicks, two straight couples looking for a three way, and two guys. I turned them all down since I'm already spoken for. Was it normal? This all happened between 7am and 5 something PM.

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  • You may not have known the colors but you can bet 99% of the bi and LGBT+ community knows them.

    They are not always a 100% true indicator but that's the point. It's just a way to kind of advertise but some people just like the colors, no different than earrings, certain clothing, and as mentioned a couple days ago hair styles.

    I love fishnets, short skirts, and heels, doesn't matter what top, but if I wear them when I'm by myself, I can bet somebody's going to ask me how much. If you know what I mean.

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  • I wouldn't recognise the colours. Maybe you just looked super hot?

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    • Thank you. 😁

      I didn't know the colors either until she sent me those socks.

      I've got pale skin, frizzy curly hair, and I don't wear makeup. I think I just look like the average American Hispanic woman.

      I do feel a bit weird because I got the feeling those straight couples probably knew the bi flag colors way before I did.

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  • I have a trans coworker who wears a trans flag pin everyday. Like you do you but thsts reckless as heck to me

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  • As SwickDinging wrote.

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  • Normal, queer women have a lot more confidence flirting if they know there’s at least a small chance the attraction will be reciprocated.

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