Wth is wrong with people

People are making videos of actual footage of Russians dying and making memes out of them. I literally just saw one of a Russian trying to run away from a drone and getting blown up with the Mario death noise. What the fuck YouTube you won't pay people for swearing but people are allowed to post videos of actual deaths and completely trivializing and mocking them? Kys Susan.

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  • Most people view Russia as the villain so it is not surprising to see those kind of reaction. It is sad but not surprising.

    I remember when Saddam Hussain was killed and the Americans were dancing and celebrating. It made me cringe.

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  • It's fucked up and sadly it's nothing new. I remember seeing the same type of things as early as 2002 but with Iraqis and Afghanis following 9/11 and the overthrow of Saddam Hussein

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