Would you still photos of your ex on facebook?

A years ago I slept with a guy that said he was single but since I still see him that work. I decided to creep his Facebook profile just like one of co worker suggested. Last night I did a a woman with the same last name has his had a post that he was married to him with a wedding photo. I scrolled really far down just to find it. 2015 was the last photo she posted pictures of them together and I don't know if he was single when I slept with him but when I see him at work he still seems flirty and still interested in me. On his wife's Facebook I noticed that she posted her cell number and I thought about texting her just to tell her that I slept with her husband or maybe her ex-husband I dont know. Also not to long ago I got chlamydia and thought about giving it to him but I don't know. I also thought about avoiding him at work and pretend nothing happened because I didn't ask if he was single I used to flirt with him and he never rejected me or reported to management

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  • 1. Ask him if he's married
    2. get the chlamydia treated.
    3. intentionally infecting someone with a disease is assault in most places, and is a criminal act.

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  • You seem salty and hurt. Its better to let it go. Definitely dont give someone chlamydia on purpose. I dont think I need to elaborate why thats wrong.

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  • Not quite sure what you are saying but if you only want to find out if he's still married there must be better ways to do that than texting the woman who might still be his wife?!

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  • You come across like you’re concerned for his potential wife, yet if you gave him chlamydia wouldn’t there be a chance of him passing it on to her?

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  • All photos are still.

    Hope this helps.

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  • I agree with the concerned comments above. Also, for the record there are photos of me and my ex being couple-y on FB because my mum put them on and they're not mine to get rid of.

    That could be a possibility, too.

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  • If it was my ex husband, ...yes I think I might keep the photos on my Facebook. That seems like a significant relationship because family is involved and all your friends know about it and maybe you have kids. I wouldn't just want to forget about all that, even after divorce. Like that's still the father of my kids?? Still a significant part of my life.

    If it was some random short relationship I probably would take down the photos. Unless I had other reasons to keep the pictures up. Like maybe some professional reasons.

    You could straight up ask him if he's married. Confront him about the other woman's photos of their wedding?? See how that goes. It's a normal question. Especially since you are having sex. You have a right to know. And you don't have to go behind his back to find out. Just ask the guy.

    It is possible that he lies. But then you will see it on his face. He would look uncomfortable and you might notice unusual changes in his voice or his expression. Use your intuition.

    If you still feel uncomfortable, message the other woman on Facebook. Don't tell her you slept with him. Don't start with that. Just tell her that you have a crush on this guy and you are wondering if he's single or if she's still with him. Like what's up? Do you still want him? Can I "shoot my shot"? So to speak. Girlfriend talk her. If she says she's still with him or she still wants him, you back off and find you another man. If she says "you can have him", then he's pretty much yours. (And you don't even have to tell her how far you already went with him.)

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    • I texted(using a texting app to hide my real number) his replied wife and he is still married. She replied telling me it's harassment for asking if he is single and she wants to report it to the police. Maybe I should replied and say ask your husband the first and last name of a woman he cheated on you with before reporting to police

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