Would you rather.

Would you rather be born again but you have to go through everything again; the mistakes, the events, the people you meet.. Or would you rather live your life as a completely different person; different faces with different people?

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  • Well I'd wanna be able to change certain things so the only option is different person. The other one seems like cruel and unusual punishment.

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  • I'd rather let God choose which one I get.

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  • My opinion is mistakes aren't real. That's a dualistic viewpoint, when life is really just polarized. Opposites exist, but better and worse, failure and triumph only exist in a relative sense.

    The question is nonsensical because you are implying that "you" are something other than your cumulative experiences and other people's viewpoints of you.

    Of course this is just my opinion, but it's an angle worth considering. No one really knows the answers to these things, and if they say they do they're trying to selling you something, or they're putting you in a bind.

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  • Some people want to go through it all again, like I would. I don't think I'd be who I am if I were someone else in a different country with different company.

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  • I'd rather start fresh. I don't want to go through certain points of my life again.

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  • Yeah by the way I just heard this from the radio

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