Would courts grant a restraining order against my mother?

Firstly my mother is bipolar and has used this as an excuse for her behavior. My mother can't handle reality and rejects anyone who doesn't ignore it like she does. This says this reminds her of my father who was always very acquisitive. I was kicked out by both my parents. However my mother before kicking me out was extremely clingy. She wouldn't let me get a job. She cut me off from all family members. She would not let me have any friends she didn't already know. However all the friends she already met, she claimed to forget about and said I could not bring them over. She then complained I had no friends. I ended up staying with a extended family member that before I was forbidden to see. After a month I got a job and moved to a new city. After seven months my mother started calling telling me to come home, take care of my sibling and started sending me gifts. I told her to stop bothering me. She promised she would and then kept sending me messages anyways. Can I get a restraining order?

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