Worn panties

Have any females here sold there worn panties online or other ways ?

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  • I'd only buy them if they had brown streaks.

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  • when i was in college i wore panties all day long and sold them to help with college expenses. i got the idea from girly magazines back then no internet existed , Was not long i was in those same magazine listings . I had to buy them in bulk to keep my overhead as low as possible and i had to underbid the competition. Some days i had to enlist my friends to wear and turn in panties to me when demand was excessive. shipping supplies wound up being the biggest expense but i still managed to move 100 percent of my inventory. i shipped to a lot of prisons, some churches , addressed in every state. i was always honest with my customers and never not one time did i say i was female. I wound up marrying a marketing major. But i think im the better businessman.

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  • Yes ebay also worn pantyhose

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  • A few times years ago. To a friend once and to strangers online. Feel a bit silly about it now.

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  • In the early 2000's females sold their well used and unwashed soaked and stained panties on Ebay.
    I don't know if Ebay still allows it.

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