World greatest mom (yeah right)


women that hate there kids, TURN ME THE FUCK ON!!!!!!! WTF? Especially if it's for a man! I love abusive mom's. I just love those stories about women that off their kids. Cause there's a man thats not taking the bait. And she knows (or he even told her himself) he doesn't want kids. The colder? The better! I just love abusive women! I already have many sick fantasys like this...
I'd love if she was blowing her son's bullies. (And did it to hurt him). She WANTS him to find out!
She finds him annoying, and just really wanted to embarrass him.
She's actually helping his bullies!
I'd love if a evil bitch got the shit fucked out of her! (And made him watch...) Or he was in bed. And we know he can hear EVERYTHING wer'e
Doing. And being loud, just for him.
Or like I said. Sometimes its for a man. The way I see it? If a bitch would kill her kids for you? (What won't she do?) WTF? You know this bitch will do anything you say!!!!
If a bitch falling for you THAT fucking hard? Or would do something that extreme believing this is gonna open the door to be with you? You know you can turn her into your fucking FREAK!!! WTF? You can tell this bitch to suck some dick for 24 hours! (And she probably would)
After all, the bitch is out of her mind, ect... Would you go to police? Or push this crazy bitch to her knees ASAP? WTF? Am I the only one?

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