Working out my immune system

This might sound crazy but I will drop my food by accident on the ground and eat it happily. Sometimes if the dishwasher isnt clean ill wipe off a used fork and use it. Or ill rinse old milk out of a cup and drink with it. Ill eat hand foods with dirty hands. I feel like I'm working out my immune system by doing this.

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  • Is it working?

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  • Yeah just look at the native americans. They lived extremely clean. They moved teepees around the land to chase buffalo. Always drinking out of a clean stream of water and cooking their food well with fire.

    Meanwhile the europeans had chickens and cows in their houses. They breathed shit fumes 24/7. They pooped in the street. Everything was filthy. They got immunity from the diseases they spread.

    The europeans came to the natives land and 90% of natives died within 10 years because of the germs thr europeans brought. They just couldnt take it

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