Will vhs ever make a come back/ be valuable?

I realize it has a lot of flaws, but surly eventually some of the best classic VHS films will be worth a good lil chunk of change, no?

( if you research it be careful of all the "black diamond VHS" hoax articles and for sale listings, the black diamond VHS's are currently NOT rare or as valuable as they all say.At least now in 2019 they aren't )

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  • magnetic tape like vhs or beta or cassette degrades over time

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    • This.

      Also they were shit.

      We used to have a computer than ran off of tapes. I think we got it working a total of once.

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  • Probably someday. I do see lots of them being thrown away and seeing lesser of them around. From my understanding a lot of things with a short making period tend to be more rare. Like tengen tetris after being sued for no license and only so many sold. Which is the best form of tetris I’ve ever played. I play it on my nes101/ toploader sometimes. Even the toploader was only made from like 1993-95. It’s worth more than the original because of it’s rarity. Things like the ps1 don’t cost much at all but many made. I see the toploaders going for $120 rn and that tetris I think last I checked was worth around $70. Within the past few years I’ve seen retro consoles going for more money. As time goes on they become more and more harder to find and I feel like that’s the way with just about any retro stuff? It stops being made not many care then it becomes this golden piece of history. A lot of movies were made but idk how many are still around and how many were only made so long. Sometimes the worst hits in consoles of the past can make a big come back. I wouldn’t doubt it if movies are the same.

    Then again some games for retro consoles are cheap af. And I feel it can be the same with movies some worth more and the players too. One thing I love about older gaming is the graphics and seeing how they’ve evolved what was popular and playing that piece of history. A lot of people are into movies and I’m sure someday vhs will be this thing from history some will take a liking to. Maybe even the ugly fat tv’s. I have one only because some of my consoles have the f cable I need the old tv’s to be able to play them. But it wouldn’t surprise me if some day it was something that people collected and the value went up but I don’t see that happening in my lifetime.

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  • Well I'd say a part of the reason why vinyl and old video games are valuable is because of their quality. People love the unique sound of vinyl records and video game emulation can be iffy (although for the really old games it really is impossible to tell the difference, but try telling that to retro gamers). But VHS doesn't offer anything in terms of quality over a blu ray.

    Of course if it's a film that wasn't released on DVD/Blu Ray, then it could be valuable. Or if the original unedited version of the film was only ever released on VHS, with the DVD/Blu Ray releases being edited/censored.

    That being said, I still have my old Disney VHS collection cos I can't bear to part with it and I just like that it's retro. Plus who knows, I could be wrong and it might be worth something some day.

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    • many good points, thanks :)

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  • They dont make them anymore. Why would we go back? Of course you could still use them but I rather be able to play the entire fifth season of the office from just one DVD rather than a half a dozen VHS tapes.

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  • I highly doubt it... In today's tech-filled world, your favorite movies and series are all online and reachable at almost any time in HD, making stuff like VHS, cassette players, CD players, DVDs, etc obsolete... Audiophiles do cling on to CD and vinyl, because those have a better quality sound.

    But VHS offers nothing more than DVD. It's bulkier, relies on a tape that can get easily damaged, or tangled and has to be rewinded after watching the video.
    I loved watching movies on VHS as a kid in the 90s, but I wouldn't watch a movie on it now in 2019. Hell, I doubt if I could even connect a VCR to my curved Samsung...

    Collectors keep the VHS alive in it's own little world.
    Maybe old stuff like original Disney films, or other sets will somewhat rise in value, but not to the point, where VHS will return.

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