Will it be painful to get a hair transplant surgery?

Hair transplant surgeries are quite popular in Turkey because of several reputed clinics and Doctors.

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  • Hoping to god my hair genetics are better than my grandfather on my mothers side. Not complete balding but definitely a recessed hairline. Hoping I get my father's side of hair genetics. No balding.

    Hopefully taking my hormones artificially will ironically keep them at a more consistent level rather than natural degradation.

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  • Theyre actually surprisingly affordable. I wouldnt mess with it if you have thin hair in the back or rapid hairloss. I think it would work for me because I got the same widows peak as my dad and hes in his 60s and hasnt lost any more.

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  • I'll probably need one in about 5 years, my hair's been falling out since I was 26.

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