Will i get fat eating 1500 calories?

I’m an 18 year old girl and my height is 5’0 and my weight is 92lbs. My current goal weight is 88lbs but when I reach that I might set a new goal of 80lbs. Would I be able to achieve this eating 1500 calories or would I get fat?

My daily exercise is 50 push ups, a ten minute ab workout video, 15 pull ups and a 10km run or walk (I alternate each day whether I walk or run).

I currently aim to eat 1250 calories each day but I’m considering increasing that to 1500. Would that be okay or would I gain weight?

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  • Couldn’t hurt to lose a few extra pounds, maybe about 50 or so.

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  • You again? Shut up already and take a hint. How many times do people have to tell you that your stupid dieting is unhealthy? Go away if you don't want to listen to our advice; don't ask for more.

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  • I'm no expert but you sound underweight. I'm 6'1 and weigh 135. I like my size but I dont force it. I eat all I desire and do what I want. You should get help. I think like 105 is a healthy weight for you. I think again not an expert.

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  • NO! I'm not going to encourage your stupid, obsessive anorexic behavior, so I did not, and will not vote.

    Where's the voting option for OP is probably mentally ill, and afflicted with anorexia nervosa?

    I really hope you are a troll, because what you're posting about is very unhealthy!

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    • Which part is unhealthy? Just my goal weight? I know that it’s quite a low weight to hope for so once I hit 88 I will probably just maintain that rather than trying to lose any more.

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  • If I were you I'd get my skinny ass to a doctor before the reaper comes knocking.

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  • You're anorexic already you should eat as much as you can

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