Will a facial steam burn leave scars

I poured water in a frying pan to cool it down and the steam blasted in my face, it burned like hell and I put a rag filled with ice cubes to cool it down. I couldn't sleep all night from the pain, took a bunch of painkillers. Next day skin is peeling and there's some bleeding, will it leave scars?

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  • It's hard to say without seeing it, but it sounds like you got the equivalent of a really nasty sunburn. If there are no blisters and the layer of skin peeling off is mostly translucent then you should be safe from scarring

    I hope you feel better. That sounds like a miserable experience

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  • Dab coconut oil on your face like 2 times a day until it heals

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  • My drunkass boss picked up a burning coal and put mustard on it and it went away almost immediately. It was yellow mustard and I’m not sure if that works after the fact.

    Use aloe, the clear kind.

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  • You should be ok, but a word of advice from someone who's been burned a lot before, as soon as you get burned try to run lukewarm water on the burned area for 10+ minutes to cool the area off and stop the burning process. Generally you won't want to use very cold water or ice because it could damage the tissue more.

    If you have it then silvadene or aloe vera can help for managing pain and preventing infections.

    If the skin blisters try to make sure that the blister does not pop as it can make it more susceptible to infection, but if it does make sure to use antibiotic and keep it wrapped in gauze and replace the bandages every day.

    Also make sure to avoid exposing the burned area to direct sunlight and keep it away from heat until it heals.

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    • I forgot to add something else I feel I should add; Never put butter/oil on a burn. Apparently some people think this is a good idea and I do not know why.

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  • Probably not. What you describe are First Degree burns. Second or Third Degree burns leave scars.

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