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Is it normal for Husband & Wife to include others in bed,I find it verry erotic watching my wife with another man.

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  • Let other men fill her cunt with cum. That's what my husband does with me.

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  • i would love to see my wife in bed with another man

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  • It's very normal. Just look at the number of posts/stories about wife-sharing and MFM threesomes all over the Internet. Look at the number of websites devoted to this topic. How about the series upon series of videos on wife-sharing.

    My only recommendation is that the two of you swing together. Always be there when she's being pleasured by one or more men. NEVER LET HER SWING ALONE. If you do, there is a very good chance you will lose your wife. Both of you must buy-in on the guy(s) you two swing with. Doing it this way will bring the two of you closer together.

    In closing, there is nothing more erotic than a woman being pleasured or servicing two or more men at the same time. Two women pleasuring a single guy comes a very very close second.

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  • I have been in a relationship for about 11 yrs with the same girl. After 3 yrs together I started fantasizing how it would feel for her to cheat on me. Basically she was very conservative and hadn't been with many guys before. So I wondered what she would act like with someone else and if she would stay with me afterward. Finally one day I mentioned it and although shocked at first she warmed up to the idea. Soon she called me and said her ex bf was really begging her to get with him. They stayed friends after they broke up. And he always wanted her since. So long story short!, her ex had his way with her and they had a great time. Eventually a couple friends and people we had met came over and had sex with her over the yrs and most recently she had the best sex of her entire life with a friend of ours. Afterwards we talked about it and held each other and she told me in the most sincere way how much she loved me. It seems like everyday we get closer unlike other couples that divorce etc... once you have let go of the angry jealousy in a relationship you are more able to discuss true feelings about your sexuality. Letting your wife or girlfriend have a good time or flirt should be a good thing instead of angry jealousy. My wife is so hot and I love her so much I want to see her enjoy herself as much as possible. Enjoy life and have a good time. BUT make sure you use protection, common sense and know the person you play with. One more piece of advice. If she leaves you over an orgasm she had then she didn't care that much for you in the first place.

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  • I got into wife-sharing during my first marriage, but it was not by my choice. My wife was having sex with several other men and lots of people knew about it and were laughing behind my back.

    After a period of anger and despair, I finally decided that if I couldn't stop her, at least I could be involved, myself. So, I started setting-up situations with other men. Then they would meet me later and give me all the details.

    I was finally able to move to the place where she would fuck with other men while I watched.

    The marriage later fell apart, but I never recovered from my need to watch other men taking their sexual pleasure from my wife's naked body.

    I am now married for the third time, and before we married I knew that my wife had fucked with lots of other men. And there have been several times when I got to watch her in action with other men.

    Once a husband has turned the corner, where he is sharing his wife's naked body with other men, and enjoying it, I don't believe he can ever go back to the way it was before.

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  • I think it is normal but you struggle with it because you know it is not right. Some things (like this) are best left a fantasy. You can enjoy them together but actually going through with it can only lead to trouble. Remember it is just a couple of orgasms that you will receive vs. the possibility of something going horribly wrong like a divorce, STD, Fight, physical harm, etc.

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  • I have to add my comment. My wife is 10 years younger than I am and VERY sexy! Early after marrying her she asked me if she could play out one of her fantasies (stripping) because she was coming out of a 20 year marriage which was very controlling, and she was leaving her very strict religion and told me she felt like I was the first and perhaps only person she could ever ask this of without judgment. I was hesitant about it but loved her and trusted her and agreed. She stripped for about a year and we both enjoyed the money she made and I felt myself feeling bad for these guys who had to keep their hands to themselves and secretly wished they wouldn't have to!
    One day a couple years ago while we were making love I told her how much I enjoyed watching her flash her ass in front of these guys faces and enjoyed their ogling of her beautiful body! She had the hardest orgasm she'd ever had up to that point. It got to the point where every time we made love I was fantasizing about her having sex with another guy and asking her "oh wouldn't that feel good go grind another guy's cock?" She would have quick, hard orgasms. Well, like most fantasies, we acted it out one night and a college student actually came to the house and fucked my wife in one of the spare bedrooms, while i watched, cheered and filmed! It was one of the most erotic things I've ever seen! To think of my wife doing such a DIRTY thing really turned me on. I think I may have a fantasy about her fucking again. We have talked about it and the urge grows stronger daily! We have agreed that it is STRICTLY for sex and she likes the thought of me watching her give everything to another man, but neither of us want to lose the other and so we've agreed that she will never fuck the same guy 2x. I'll let you know how the next one goes!

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  • Sir,
    As the wife of a man who also enjoys this fetish, I can tell you it is both erotic and dangerous. You like my husband suffer from low self esteem. BS you would tell me. BS right back at you. I have played this game to the fullest extent with my man. It is fun at first, but people are weird. Make sure you have what you want at home, before you play. Another thing KILLER disease. Be careful have fun Love your wife

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  • I feel that there is nothing wrong in sharing something really good (spouse being really beautiful). Just imagine the pleasure your mate can derive out of it. Not to mention your own desires.
    There is nothing wrong in it. I watched my wife been taken in front of me by a teenager.
    I could only learn from it!! Not to mention we had decided upon it.

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  • YES, YES, YES....make for DAMN certain that you have EVERYTHING you want in your relationship before trying swinging, or else it can just cause problems. My wife and I are swingers, we have a lot of fun, mainly because I like seeing her with someone else and she loves watching me pleasure another woman.

    You don't really have to worry about your wife falling for another dude as long as it's STRICTLY sex and make sure you are doing it with MARRIED couples. Generally the women share a bond and the guys share a bond, guys hang out, the girls make-out and have more sex with each other. At least this is how it's been for us. Swing parties are an absolute BLAST!!!!!!

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  • to love your wife, and only her, give her all your sexual energy, stop wasting it on your PC

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  • Totally normal. Just do a Google search and check out the number of hits.

    My wife agreed to start f*cking other men three and one half years ago. She really wasn't interested, but went along to be a good sport. She's fourteen years my junior, a beautiful 34 year old Eurasian, 4'11", 105 pounds - just a friggin' knock out. She took to our little hobby like a duck to water as soon as she tried her first strange cock in ten years of marriage. We both love what its done for our sex life. We always play together - sometimes I just watch, video and photo and other times we make it a straight threesome (no bi stuff for me, thanks anyway). Either way I do her last and she goes crazy with someone watching us. But the morning after, holy cow is she ever ready to go!!!! My only words of caution are, 1.) Guys, make sure you can really handle it. It's one thing to fantasize about, but something entirely different to see your wife stripping down for the first time and f*ucking some guy. The reality comes on hard and fast. 2.) Take it slow getting to know the guys she's considering, unless they're existing friends. She'll enjoy it more after a connection has been made and you can weed out the myriad weirdos. 3.) Insist on a current letter from their doc certifying that they have no STDs - HIV of course, but herpes and/or vaginal warts (guys can be a carrier)can make you almost a sexual leper. If having your wife isn't worth the trouble of a few lab tests then pass them by.

    Finally, as to the assertions herein that we guys who like this have low self esteem, I strongly disagree. I built and sold a company in the healthcare business, retired at 46 and we go back and forth between our homes in Virginia and St. Barths. I can be a bit too Type A for folks, but low self exteem is not my issue. LOL

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  • My BF wanted me to do that, I told hin F*ck you! I'm not the sharing type, stingy.

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  • In most marriages, when another stud is brought into the bed, it gives the woman a chance to refuse two men. And then there is all that fighting over the remote. Good luck, but I'm sticking with my girlfriend and her aunt.

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  • When I first met my wife of 49 years I joined a threesome she was having with her girlfriend and her boyfriend. Before that she had been lovers with her girlfriend since they were both 20. When I fucked my future wife for the first time it was a foursome. I watched her fuck the other guy and then go down on her girlfriend. We carried on with them like this after we married. When we moved away from them it wasn't long till she found a new girlfriend. She especially like married pussy since then she had new cock too. I thoroughly enjoyed our good times.

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  • My fiance and I are okay having sex in the same room but not different people. I think it would be hot to have someone watch us. That is once she is hotter, right now it is rather sad toward me to have someone watching me have sex with her.

    However, she shares this wish and is working on herself.

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  • It's neither right nor wrong. The only thing that really matters is it is right for you and your wife. This one thing you must be 100% in agreement on. With us, it's a turn on and a plus in our marriage. Is it right for you? that is for you and only you to decide.....

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  • Yes it's normal. My wife meets new guys in dating apps and fucks them. She's been doing for 2 years and loves the sexual freedom. It's better to let her do it than cheat on you. It's also exciting.

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  • My wife and I are thinking about her having sex with another. To start with should we start with my family, my friends, neighbors or pickup strangers at bars? We are really serious but don't know where to begin. We think it would be sexciting for all involved. Can you give us your opinion?

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  • I am getting desperate for my wife to be pleasured by another man, one with a larger dick than me. I have been emailing an acquaintance of hers, without saying who she is, and he is really keen for some no strings attached sex. He doesn't want me there to watch but is happy if I am in the next room, restrained and gagged so I don't ruin things, so that I can listen whilst he screws my wife. I now need to join up the dots and convince my wife to go to a pub and see if she get pulled - she will get approached because he will be there and will recognise her. Hopefully the hormones will kick in and result in her bringing him back home, especially as that is what he wants too, and she gets laid.

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  • I really had to post something here... My wife and I are both good looking and intelligent people. My wife is actually stunning and wild in the bedroom. Her and I have a great sex life and are very much in love. She is always satisfied and turned-on by me.
    We did some swinging about 5 years ago and then we were exclusive with one couple that we saw about once a year only. Then my wife and I wanted to have a little bit more so we rejoined a swinging site about 4 months ago. We were open to everything: MMF, FFM, FFMM.
    We first met a man about the same age as us. We went to his place and after about 30 minutes they quickly and passionately kissed and began foreplay. He almost made her cum orally (wish she NEVER did before!) I was a tad bit jealous I have to admit. Then we went to the bedroom and she started to ride his cock. We are talkers during sex. So she was saying how good his cock fell and how he knew how to fuck her well. Then (she told me later) she had the best and longest orgasm of her life! I had problems getting myself hard for some reason. I only fucked her at the end.
    Long story short: She really was into him sexually. She told me that they had a perfect compatibility. I thought that she was maybe exaggerating and that she was mostly aroused by the mood of having 2 men.
    Then we saw him again a few days ago. She had the same orgasm with him again. So the chemistry was confirmed.
    After he left, she told me that she wanted him to be her lover. That she would have sex with him, with my consent only, without me being there. She repeated that it would only be with my consent and that she would tell me every time she would do it. She said that it had NOTHING to do with me and that she was totally satisfied with me and it would just be a sex thing. She does not want to break our family apart. She was being sincere.
    And she added that if I find a woman that she trusts, she will let me do the same thing.
    I don't know what to say to her. I don't know if saying yes will make me less of a man. And I know that every time that she will go see her lover, she will come back to me horny as hell! I LOVE watching my wife being f*cked in front of me and the fact that I will not see what happen bothers me.
    I love her enough to say yes. I want her to be happy.
    I have not give an answer yet. I don't know what to do...
    Sorry for the length of my post but I just had to tell someone.
    Anybody here did this? Did it worked?

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  • My wife wanted to try it and we did. We did it with another couple first. She likes big dicks and the guy had a big one. It was hot when she and the other woman eat each other. THe guy and I were jacking off, which lead to jack each other and then sucking. That's where it really started for me. Now we do it as much as we can. I do a lot of cocksucking now and really like the taste of cum. My wife and I both like it in the ass.

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  • one other thing I like to add since I started reading this stuff not just on here but many different sites the vast majority of the husbands aren't allowed to do the same thing as the wife's apparently aren't comfortable with it. And the husbands go along with it so the wife's can do it but they won't let the husband's do it with other women. This amazes me because with the acception a few husbands that just get off watching the rest accept the situation and allow her boggles my mind

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  • Ok after reading all these posts especially from the ones that say allowing your wife to have sex once or as often as she likes with as many men as she likes then to say she loves you and will never leave you is ludacris why wouldn't she love you and stay with you she has the very best of both worlds she's got a husband and probably youngsters at home and can have as many sexual exploits as she likes. And apparently she has a husband that gets off on it which again is not uncommon today I personally think why get married it makes absolutely no sense

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  • I really hope some one can help. I'm trying to find a movie. Just a few years old I think. It's about a man and wife who place an ad for a woman to join them in bed. The man tells one if his college students to answer the ad. The three of them become intimate and such then the two women eventually fall in love and then the wife leaves to be with the woman but then later again the three get back together again as a threesome couple. It was a crazy sexual movie and my husband and I liked it but now I want my current girlfriend to watch it because I love my husband And my girlfriend!!!

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  • I very strongly suspect that this desire comes from nature.

    It's a genetic requirement stemming from a female desire to bring about genetic diversity in her offspring thereby ensuring survival. Its seen in chimpanzees all the time.

    It's only become less evident because when religion got going the leaders needed to exercise control over the population and so started creating bogus "rules".

    It has nothing to do with god. It is all to do with control and economic stability in which the rich control the poor. Those more intelligent do not fall for that rubbish and just get on with having a good time.

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  • The bigest feak out was trying to picture what my wife did for 3 years before I first met her. Also the first 6 mos how man guys she fucked behind my back. But I loved her. or maybe I lusted for her. After we had been together 8 years I wanted to see if she ever thought of takijng another cock. Just as I thught she did. Knjowing how uch she liked cock I decided to see how far she wouold go and how much she would demean herself. So I told her to seduce one of our employees. So she did. She sat across from him while I was supposedly gonje. And yes he took the bait. She had a few buttons undone so this beautiful set of knckers really showed up. Steve had always been staring at them. So he and she were talking as adults when she askede him if he really liked to eat pussy. to which he said yes. At this tijme she spread hey legs wide She must have li8ke the size ad feel of this new cock. Now Steve was not the beat looking guy but she stroked his thick cock whuile his hands and mouth were all over her tits and ass. I think one could safely say he was rather worke up. I was very pleasing to see her being so admired and wanted. Plus seeing her response to his attention and her respose to his hard throbingck. For a short time I thought for sure she was going to drop to her knees and suck him. Later she told je the tought crossed her mind but she was scared to as she did not know him well enough to feel he wound not blow his cum into her mouth and she was not ready at this time to risk it. So it was becoiming clear to mjke she was going to fuck him that night. Not give hm a taste of her yumy cock but get fucked. So she walkjed himj over to the sofa wch she had already spread a towel on, just in case. She had him it down than straddled him and sank his hard on into her pussy as far as it could. I was getting so excited seeing his thick cock buried deep inside my wife and her clearly enjoying the feel of it. He was too. He started to hump upwards and she rode him like a stallion. He finallly grunt3ed as he cam shooting his load up inside her pussy. I donbelieve from the look on her & his face they were both satisfied. he she swung off him and he thought his dream was going to contnue. He had just said "I'm not done with you yet". As f he was in control..At that point I entered I said "Oh I think your done." I thought he was going to shit on my front room carpet. So reassured him That I was not going to kill him and did he mind if I could have sex with my wife? So I unzipped and fucked her there and liked takil contiunes today. I let this occur to this day. I found out that a lot of the times I like to take the sloopy seconds. Which in the case of my wife it never sloppy just well lubed.

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  • I am 62, wife is 42. She is from China, we met in China when i was working there. We got married there, 6 years ago, then 4 years ago moved to Canada, my home country. She has a very very high sex drive and needs, and to be honest, it was one of the things that really hooked me on her. She also is very hot looking, even now at her age.
    So, early in the marriage, I had asked her during sex one night what her sexual fantasies were. She told me she has none. But knowing her sex drive and needs, I somehow did not buy that at all. So about a year ago, during sex, with her on top where she can prolong her orgasm and enjoy sex longer, but her taking far too long, being greedy, ha ha, and me wanting to get her on her back and fuck her and have my orgasm, i decided to try something to see if I could make her lose her control. So I said that what she needed was a very hot much younger guy that was well endowed to fuck her - and she immediately lost control and had an instant massive orgasm. Since then, I have mentioned this lots in the same situation, and just last week she said yes, she needed that, asked me if I would let her, and help her to find a much younger guy like that. I said ok, but only if I could watch.
    So the question is, if this were to happen, what might the after affects be for myself and also for her?

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  • I have fantasized about this scenario a few times but there is no way I would be able to get over the jealousy if I were to actually go through with it. I am not saying I am an insecure person sexually but what I KNOW I am is a good person, good husband, I am kind and thoughtful and my wife is beautiful and smart, funny and charismatic. Why anyone would risk all that for a night of fiction come fact is beyond me.

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  • where do you live

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  • fcuk your gran.

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  • sure, no problems at all

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  • if you really LOVE her you wont do something like that dude !!

    if i would ever fall in LOVE i will never accept any boy to even look at my wife !!

    just brake up with her ,, and get real LOVE ..

    anmd stop watching a lot of porn as one guy said that haha,,

    DAMN !! what a site !! a lot of siCk thoughts !! mannnn !! wonder how people think !!

    nice site !! hehehe lol

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  • been married for forty years to the only person i ever loved

    she had a boy friend for 15 years greatest time of our lifes were then

    we took him on vacation with us when out of town she was his woman i would always walk behind them

    the guy made no bones of it he wanted to take my wife from me but she had no intrest in leaving me

    her sex drive was lots stronger then mine she wanted it twenty four seven my self once or twice a day was planty

    she would go to his house every evening or he would come to ours and she would be hammered tell he dropped it was funny seeing him drag his ass out but the fun i had when it left

    he died of cance a few years ago and were still happy married

    it took a while to enjoy it but once i got over it i loved it

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  • Let me tell ya something - I dig your work. Playing one side against the other, in bed with everybody - just fabulous stuff.

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  • Join a swingers club and guard yourself against disease.

    Sex bonds people, eventually your wife may get attached to someone else, that's the risk you take. Women release a hormone called Oxytocin, during sex and also after giving birth. It is a bonding hormone that causes them to feel connected to a guy who can make them climax and also bonds them to their infant.

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  • people like you don't even deserve to have a wife. :D oh.. wait.. do you let her sleep with other men because you can't satisfy her, and you don't want a divorce?

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  • "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife; and they shall be one flesh" Genesis 2:24

    So, actually, when you have sex with another person, you are mixing both Karmas. And have to dragg the other person´s Karma for the rest of your life.

    How many Karmas do you want to dragg around dude?

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  • why drag your wife into it? You obviously just want to see another guys cock.eliminate the middle man(wife) and go right for the man meat.

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  • Stop watching porn, is fu ck ing up your brain with unreal nasty fantasies. My advice would be

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