Whywhywhy is biden letting in 2m illegals?

Is it?biden who is doing this? WHO WILL PAY FOR THEM TO LIVE IN THE USA? ..me, you, and kids to come? VOTEVOTEVOTE.. but useless if biden gets multi illegal votes, like last time.

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  • Because you touch yourself at night.

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  • Because theres a shortage of workers. But libtards dont understand that a shortage workers is good thing for the workers. Yes inflation is bad but wages are way up for low skilled positions. They're starting at 18+ an hour all over the place now. If you have a girlfriend also working making 18 an hour thats 36 an hour yall make togethet which is more than enough to be middle class. Corporations dont want to have to compete for workers becayse that means they have to entice you to choose them. The government wants you to be desperate for a job not the other way around.

    I saw a sign in bumfuck kentucky yesterday that they are starting out at 18 an hour at fucking hardees. 5 years ago you'd be lucky to get 9 an hour there.

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  • He is destroying a lot of things (well, whoever is pulling on his puppet strings). I have no idea why they keep trying to make him look young and coherent getting fkn ice cream and falling off a bike...why don't they try making him look like he can understand how the economy works or reel in the the whispery rage confusion.

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  • The Desm have always been the dominent party in the Us since the 1930s.
    Although Obama won and even got re-elected, in that same period Dems had huge historic losses. There long term status as the dominant party had slipped.
    That mean the time is now if they are going to get their agenda, so they have been much more blatant about the marxist agenda they had for the US instead of doing it more gradually over time without people noticing as much.
    All the climate stuff, the trans stuff, all of it is.

    What the Dems intend is to overwhelm the US with illegals and also assimilate them into the dependency class.

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  • He's older so he doesn't care anymore about the country. I swear he's ruining it on purpose to have a laugh.

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  • They want the votes. And to destabilize the economy so that they can take over everything like the Soviets and Castro did.

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  • Well maybe if Latinos weren't retarded enough to believe the bullshit that if you're not white you "have" to vote for the left then we wouldn't have this problem. The overwhelming majority of Latinos hold traditional values, so why they vote for people who are the antithesis to decency never made sense to me

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