Why yall been so boring n sheet?

This site been boring lately. Nothing but fetish posts n sheet. Yall need to step your game up.

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  • *dances*

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  • Ok heres my question:
    Is it normal I wonder if whales can get rabies?? Dolphins etc? It would be pretty interesting to see a rabid whale.

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    • Probably not because of one of the main symptoms of rabies, hydrophobia. Rabies infected animals cannot drink water.

      The closest recorded thing was a sea lion getting rabies in the 1980s. That's the only case of a semi aquatic animal getting rabies.

      Also a note about rabies. It's a very fragile virus. Sunlight and air kill it. Also the unrelated fact that every day 40% of the bacteria in the ocean are killed off by viruses. Meaning that whatever bacteria do remain have a paranoid schizophrenic level of defense against viruses.

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