Why would they not sue over a debt?

So I had four accounts with some collection agency. Each of them are at least eight years old and are/were in the $700 - $800 range.

Two of them had judgements, and have since been paid off.

Two of them are not in judgement and when I looked up the info on their website, there is this disclaimer, and to summarize, they said due to the age of the debt, they would not sue. It goes on to say that in some states, certain actions could "reset the clock" for the time limit one could be sued, but even if that were the case, they would still not litigate.

I am certainly not complaining but I am just curious - why would a collection agency NOT litigate, especially if they could do so? Each of the judgements were for about the same amounts as the non-judgements.

Just curious.

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  • In many cases it cost more money to sue than the debt is worth, especially if they do not believe that you will ever repay.

    Collection agencies are in the business of earning money; and sometimes they have to just walk away from certain debts as the best way of maximizing their earnings.

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