Why the who keep rejecting to investigate the origin of the covid?

Why world health organization actively don't do anything about covid-19? Why anything china says is correct for them? They are getting multi billions of funds per year from all over the world. Yet last month they announced they can't support poor countries with free vaccination.
Today, they rejected the request for the second time for investigate the origin of the covid-19
Two months ago, they made a statement no one have the right to ask the covid-19 origin from chinese authorities.
Last year it was a virus. But now, it already a cat who jumped out from the bag that this is a bio attack. But why WHO supports china?
If the world organizations are supporting the wealth and power what's the purpose of countries funding them billions of money every year?
WHO is currently just sitting their repeating and saying what's favour for china. Why?

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  • Covid isn't a bio weapon(very low fatality rate). A true bio weapon would have a mortality rate of 30 percent or above. Much deadlier viruses already exist in nature(Rabies, Marbug, Ebola etc). If someone wanted to create a bio weapon, they will start with these viruses and try to make them airborne.

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    • Air bornening a virus is same as throw some hot water up right where you stand. And covid isn't a low fatality rate virus. War doesn't mean killing and weakening human race to the fullest. It has purposes. This is a power war, economical war with a biological weapon. Economy depend on human. Removing human won't do what it requires. What china did last year is bought europe shares from the market as soon as virus is spreading. Now they holds the biggest market in the world. They succeeded. If china used something high rate virus as you say, they won't be able to build up their empire after claiming it because there are no human power left to conquer. Where I live china has already taken over. Our local apps, has changed their language to chinese. Our native language is now a optional on those. Some people are starting institution to teach, adore chinese language culture and civilization. We have tv programs about why we need to cooperate with china since they are the most powerful country by 2028. It's already happening slowly. USA, UK, Russia yet somehow can hold. Small countries like ours cannot. That's why WHO isn't helping any poor countries when need. They let china take over it. Once they take over small places like ours, they have human power, wealth, and quantity in every way. Last year, china and india had a fight over the boarders. Two months later, india was discovered with the first and most dangerous mutated covid versions. It's not a contingency.
      Btw, I'm from a South Asian country. We are not allowed to speak of these matters openly. That's why I try to spread some facts out anonymous what we are experiencing now. Which could be yours tomorrow.

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      • Im from a South Asian country too. The death rate of this virus is too low to be considered a bio weapon. Not a single person has perished in our village(many thousands live here), due to covid. Most of us are anti maskers too. The reason that world is suffering is that politicians of today are complete pussies. End the lockdowns and watch ur country prosper again, or live in poverty and starve to death.

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        • I know a women from LA. She thinks covid-19 is a hoax. There's no such a thing and deaths are scams. Not real. Only because her grand mother had it and she survived and she never got it. And she just simply ignores the millions of deaths and multi millions of infected.
          Let's say before war spartans were given lactations with food without knowing. Ofc that won't kill them maybe one or two but the whole army will not able to fight back.
          That's the main idea. Once everyone else are weak, china can win economical war without a fight because everyone is unbale to contribute to the economy. Also cannot do it either. China is the only active and standing economy in the world right now. They don't have a single case which is impossible. When it was questioned, three weeks ago they announced they found few in a town, which was never proven. I still say it may not be the deadliest but the smartest weapon. And the synophom from chinese, WHO's best recommended vaccines. Here majority of the people had that. Zero results with tons of other side effects. But as you mentioned politics are involved so it's really hard to do other wise.
          And yeah, bat story, totally utterly bull shit!

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        • I think it's a weapon. The idea isn't just to kill people. The main goal is to destabilize economies and countries, cause new conflicts and redistribute a LOT of money.

          I still don't know what China wins from this whole thing, but I ain't buying the bat story!

          Bats have existed longer than us humans and the Chinese have been eating them for hundreds of years.
          Why is it now, suddenly that the virus mutates and jumps from bats to humans and it starts to do that in a city that has a lab that researches and experiments with diseases. Coincidence?! Fuck no! I call BS!

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  • Because china gives it a lot of money. Why go against the people who fund you?

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