Why people be blasting tweeters, i miss bass

Missin tha bass bottom being dropped phfffffffffthhhh

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  • between the bird feeders and the dingo i got all the tweeters & woofers i need

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    • That is hilarious

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  • Well, I got Harman Kardon audio in all of my Mercedes' and I have a 500W Logitech home audio system.

    If you can't outshout an audio system and it doesn't distort, it's ok in my book and I'm happy to say my cars pass the test.

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    • i had a crazyass sound system i installed into my foxbody in the 90s

      blaupunkt head unit & 10 disc trunk cd changer 2 amps crossover network dash tweets four 6x9s and a 12" sub box

      all top quality shit i prolly had $2k into it and it was lotsa fun it could kill the battery in 20 minutes if the motor wasnt runnin

      my newer subaru has harmon kardon sound and its pretty good to me but nothin like that

      hell my chevy pickup has bose sound and that aint half bad its well audible at 85mph with windows down & sunroof open

      im too fuckin old to spend money & time on upgradin somethin that i turn up twice a year to listen to steely dan

      its good enough

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