Why islamic terrorism even though so many muslims against

There must be something up with Islam if it ends up being the highest contributor to terrorist attacks

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  • Other religions have committed just as awful acts of terrorism.
    You could just as easily say 'there must be something up with christianity'. It's a select few, not the entire religion.
    Blaming muslims is just the latest fear mongering trend and this fear is feeding the terrorists.

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  • Because Islam is currently the most politicised. It hasn't been reigned in by secular enlightenment unlike every other religion.

    This is why, for the most part, I stay away from debates about what's "TRUE Islam", what the religion itself says and whether or not it's "a religion of peace" (all these are things people try arguing just to defend the religion from criticism). None of that matters when a religion is politicised, because regardless wether it's supported by the religion or not, the fact remains that violence IS happening in the name of it. It's because the religion is politicised.

    When Christianity was the most politicised you saw the same behaviour, in the inquisitions, crusades and morality-policing. You want to get rid of this shit? The first step is ripping it out of politics and promoting secularism.

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    • I agree with you except for your statement that all other religions have been "reigned in by secular enlightenment": it seems to me there are far too many fundamentialist christian groups who could do with a HUGE dose of secular enlightenment!

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  • The largest terrorist attack ever committed was committed by the American government. Catholics and Protestants have been committing attack on each other since Martin Luther nailed that proclamation to his church door.

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  • They simply want to destroy the image of Islam, (not all terrorist are muslim all muslim is terroris)

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  • I just hope the NSA is monitoring them.

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  • People will do all sorts of stupid stuff in the name of their Gawd.

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