Why is silence deadly, and how do you counteract it?

I've also heard silence is golden. When is it golden and when is it deadly?

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  • If you had kids, you'd understand. Their silence is both a blessing, and cause for alarm.

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  • i always thought that particular idiom was flatuence related

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  • Silence and words are never the same as violence.

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  • Idk how to explain it so well, but in my perspective...

    Golden- those moments when silence isnt needed. For example, if youre seeing a nice sunset or something, and you just admire the view without a word. Thats a good silence

    Deadly- after a bad thing-- like, super bad. Maybe a dark joke, or maybe like in a show after a main character lost or an important character died. Thats a heavier sort of silence

    I do hope this helps in some way

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  • If large chunk of gold fell on you it could kill you.

    That’s all that comes to mind.

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  • Join antifa, your silence is killing black people.

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  • Sometimes, silence is violent.

    Like Lloyd said, it depends on the situation, and you counter it by breaking the silence. If you see something, say something.

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  • Golden when it's better to listen and shut up.

    Deadly for when dangerous practices are happening and you dont advocate for a safer approach.

    Golden silence for situations where your input is not needed beyond your comporial form/ undivided attention.

    Deadly silence when you see an unsafe work behaviour and dont speak up about it. Because sure 99% of the time it's fine. But that 1% they could die. So it's best to speak up about it.

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