Why is my sister still a cunt ?

I sent the following to my sister and she blocked me and is prob still going to carry on and not dump that other family yet any ideas why ?
Wonder why you thyroid has dropped and you can't seem to shake the flu/cold ? Ever paused for a moment to see how many people you have wronged all for your fake hypocritical lifestyle?
Sam blocked you because you used him! Telling him you cant hang out due to your "anxiety" then you go on and looked for a guy and wasted you v off the reardded platform omegle and even though he GROOMED YOU and despite hating mom for the way she doted over her ex you do the EXACT SAME ! BEING a guys ultimate ass kisser and people pleaser 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮 all for validation, attention and to fit in and use their money.Its fucking hilarious you judged your ex best friend lucky for the way she dressed and her hair extensions when you have turned into a replica of hr. Everything you spit is hypocritical!
Scared to take an iron pill yet libe on a pill so a cave man can have his way, succumbing to his animalistic wants! Are u proud of yourself?
Are u happy mums struggling and all the burden is on MY shoulders and has been ever since u fucked off for your other people u call "family"- Why hasn't she dumped then yet and come home to help her suicidal mother out ?
Its been long enough for the wannabe brat.
All she did was cook meals weekly for them fuckers for his parents even THOUGH they do NOT need it! Its clear she is doing this for validation and their attention and prob their money!
Did u know she never used to go places with me down the line with my grandparents because of her bs anxiety lol!!!! She clung 2 moms hip all her life like a limpet she is then over 2.5 years ago she did a 180, looked for a bf because she was afraid people would judge hr for NOT having one.
I hardly doubt she'd never taken it up and looked for a retail pet shop job if she wasn't able to skyte or relay that yes she had a bf. She even changed herrelationship status on fakebook 5 dates later.
Ewww and she fucked the cunt on the 5 or 6th date what a slag.
She says shit like " you get used to it" meaning his hairy ass" and how she would rather kiss a dog when in talking about kissing the guy.
Clearly this shows she is still anti men and going against her grain all to fit into hetronormative society.
She lived on the pill for ages just so he can stick his FUGLY dick in hwr hole to sustain the relationship. I always hear of so many sluts sayin how their dick thinker bf fucks them in the morning when they wake up with a hard on and want a hole to stick it in and the women feels unwell as she requires foreplay.
Yet my sister is the biggest hypocrite to exist, she wears his jacket when coming to our house and shows interest in caci things to this day as if she still likes him lmao 🤣
Cacti is his a weird hobby of his and she still acts like his people pleaser slave and buys him trinkets here and there.
Why the fuck would she do this when she is only with him for validation and prob their money as they're rich han us and can afford to go away to expensive places like he touristy places here in my County.
She STILL HAS ANXIETY yet goes in an aeroplane with him down the line wtf? She never went anywhere with me years ago because of her anxiety and yet she still has anxiety and does anything they and him ask her to do. Its fucking weird.
She even woukd get up at 6am in the morning on one of her 2 days off and walk their dog whilst they were away. Can u see how much of an ott people pleaser shes become ?
I bet she bow has the IUD shoved up her fanny as I can't see her fucked up pill in her lunch box anymore when her and I work together.
How disgusting 😤
Taken it further just so he can fuck her 🤮
Isn't she tired of being his pin cushion in the morning?
She has anxiety and fucking a cave man takes more energy and thus causes her at racing. It will be contributing to her anxiety as she doesn't even like mowing lawns with me in the family business because the exercise gives hr heart palpitations.
She has an eating disorder, ocd and anxiety and looks anorexic and malnourished whilst still after 2.5 years does everything under the sun for them cunt and not a lot with us when wehave under gone major stress these last 1.5 years 😠 🗯 😡

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  • Yikes, what a horribly formatted post.

    You sound like a terrible brother/sister looking to dictate your sisters life. Honestly? I'd block you too if you verbally abuse me the way you do.

    You come off as judgemental, as a know it all, and you don't actually seem to want your sister to have any sort of happiness. You seem incredibly entitled and narrow minded.

    Work on yourself buddy, you definitely have more issues than any of your family members do. Sheesh.

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  • I suggest that you start looking for answers by looking in a mirror... and work on improving that person.

    Lots of great self help books out there...

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  • I cannot really say you're in the wrong here.

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